10 habits to dump before stepping into 2017


Habits to dump before 2017 

Hello, people! 2016 gave us so many surprises. From demonetization and crashing of markets to Arnab’s resignation. From Trump being president to Brexit. Be it good or bad, 2016 is about to end now. Call it as a ritual or a need, with the start of the new year everyone makes new resolutions. Some to follow while others to forget. Here in this article at SAIKISITE, I have come up with some easy and necessary to-do list for 2017.

Dump your habit to always think it’s all about you-

Your frowning teacher isn’t conspiring to fail you, as much as the shopkeeper isn’t giggling about your clothes. They have their own life and their own problem. They are busy thinking about it only. So next time whenever you interact with someone just run on those thoughts and assumptions, and trust me you will be much happier.


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Dump your habit of comparing-

In this huge world, there will always be people who are smarter, richer, better looking and happier than you. You simply just can’t win this game. In order to win, concentrate on yourself, your mindset, your health, your environment. Compete with yourself and the game is yours.

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Dump your habit of complaining about everything-

You are defined by the words you speak. Be aware of all what comes out of your mouth. They not only affect you but also the people around you. Think good, speak good and be optimistic and more things will happen to you. Complain and think negative, and more negative you will suffer.

Start avoiding negative people-

If they love you, they will support you, they will inspire you. If they don’t just get rid of them. Don’t shout or scream. Just stop being there for them. They won’t even care and you will be free.


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Start avoiding unnecessary meetings-

Few meetings do not mean that you stop being social or you deny all the fun. It simply means that you make your meetings more efficient. Avoid which you want to avoid and for the others set some agenda and stick to it.

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Start saying no-

For all the time when you think that you don’t have much time for yourself or for your loved ones, just look back and think how many times did you say YES for all those useless things which you could have easily avoided. Learn to say NO. This way you can save a lot of time and you will even feel it.

Stop underestimating yourself-

You can always do better. There will always be some scope of improvement. Yes, you can’t be younger but still you can do it. Be it that task or that business you have been dreaming to start since long. Neither your bank balance nor your family is stopping you. It’s all about you.


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Dump those excuses-

If you did it, take the responsibility. If you couldn’t accomplish it, then also admit it. Find the fault. Not in the task but in your own self. Creating excuses won’t help except creating that misconception that you can do everything.

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Dump your habit of expecting everything has to be perfect-

No, this just isn’t possible. You can call it a pro version of procrastination. Neither can anyone be perfect nor can the things and situations. Accept the reality and move on.

Stop bragging about your resolutions even before executing them-

You lose half of the motivation to accomplish anything if you announce it to the world. Stop bragging everything about your to-do list to the world. People won’t help but instead, your possibility of achieving them will also decrease.

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I hope that this article will help you in living a better, peaceful and successful life in 2017. The world will become a much happy place to live in if we learn to run our life rather than let it run us. Wish you all a very happy and blissful 2017.
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