15 Steps on How to Move On after the Breakup?


15 steps to move on after breakup

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Follow the steps given below only when you have decided to move on from your partner, and no matter what may happen tomorrow, there is no force on this planet that will take you back to that person.


Step 1

Cut the person off completely from your life which means block the person on social media, delete the contact number from your phone etc..

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Step 2

Accept the fact that you are never getting back to that person. If the person didn’t care about you when the person was in a relationship with you, the person will not do that even in the future now. So, stop expecting anything from that person. It may lead you to depression. It is not only hopeless and hurting, but self-detrimental also but you have to go with that in order to move on.


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Step 3

Stop bargaining with your mind in finding ways to communicate to the person. If you discuss making such compromises in your mind, know that such compromises will be the reason for the death of your self-respect, self-esteem, and your individuality.

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Step 4

Get in a debate in your head between your mind and your feelings when you start missing the person. Start applying logics. Think of 6-7 major problems you had with the person as a girlfriend / boyfriend and as a person. This will definitely help you to move on and trust me that you’ll stop thinking after you’ll be done with 4-5 problems.

Step 5

Make a list of all the things you disliked about the person. Be completely honest because this point will tell you that the person wasn’t that good as you thought the person to be.


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Step 6

Make a list of all the things you could have done but couldn’t do because when that person was with you then that contributed in an absolutely opposite direction.

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Step 7

Try to be in contact or near to the people who are smarter and sensible than your ex-partner. This will help you a lot to move on.


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Step 8

Join the gym as soon as possible. You are dealing with self-hatred and some sort of depression. You are partially blaming yourself that somehow or the other you could have saved the relationship but couldn’t. So destroy self-hatred by self-betterment which you would get in the gym. Doing gym daily will reduce your depression because your anxiety will come out in the form of efforts you apply to get into shape

Step 9

Think about the people who are close to you, people who care about you like your family and friends. Call your mom and have a conversation with her for at least 20 min daily. The reason being that right now you feel unloved, without realizing that there are people who love you unconditionally and can break the barriers for you. People close to you will help you to move on.

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Step 10

Tell your friends frankly that you need their help, support and love to move on. Don’t give them any emotional details. Tell them to be with you and hang out with you more often. They can accompany you to your gym etc.. Try not to talk about your ex with them if you want to move on.


Step 11

Let out your pain. Go to your bathroom and cry as much as you can, trust me you will feel really good after that. Leave your phone for few days because that will be the time your brain stops working and you mind end up calling that person.

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Step 12

Stay engaged or busy. You don’t have to sit idly for hours because the thing going in your head is your breakup. So read a book, watch television series or anything that makes you feel occupied.

Step 13

Stop listening to romantic songs. Don’t get into any kind of feelings. Feel, only when it comes from your heart.


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Step 14

Stop talking about that person. By telling your tragic love story to someone, you are unknowingly attacked by feelings of loneliness and being unloved. The people you tell your story are going to sympathize you for a moment and then leave. You will be the one getting tortured by thinking about that person.

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Step 15

Take a pledge of changing your life and taking it to heights that are beyond your comfort zone and to a level that no one could imagine you to be in if you want to move on. To completely move on from that person, you have to be glad that you are not with that person anymore. So write five target statements. Target statements here signify 5 unbelievably awesome and amazing things. Things that you’ll anyhow complete in a specific time interval, say an year or month. Remember that you are doing this for yourself, not to show off to anyone, not to rub it in that person’s face. Do it for your self-respect and self-love.


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