47 Best Sci-Fi Movies, science-based and real science movies of all time

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47 Best Sci-Fi Movies

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There are many great Sci-Fi movies that have been created really well for the viewers. The creators of these Sci-Fi movies use all kinds of effects to serve the audience with best of the scenes. Let’s look at some of the best Sci-Fi movies of all time.

1. Best Sci -fi Movies:  Space and aliens


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An astronaut starts a space journey to find other habitable niches in the universe. Eventually, being space traveler and in accordance with a special theory of relativity, he didn’t grow older significantly in comparison to the earthly beings.

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In search and excavation of incredible element unobtanium



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When an astronaut left on Mars, manages to survive by growing crops on Mars.

Star wars

It’s an intergalactic story where people from different planets and galaxies including humans, share a unique habitat along with humanoids, robots etc..

Star trek

With few of its amazing and memorable characters like Captain Spoke, it is an amazing storyline with sequels. It’s all about the space travel , explorations, and Enterprise.

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Space odyssey

Is an epic movie written by one of the greatest SciFi writers Arthur c Clarke. The movie depicts a classical pooling of all future science technology like space adventure alien invasion etc..


A story of an astronaut struck in the space due to the space debris and then starts her ultimate adventure of entering the earth’s atmosphere and life saving.


or extraterrestrial is a children movie in which a lonely girl meets an alien who lived in her backyard and helps in doing incredible things for her

Koi mill Gaya


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A story of a mentally retarded space scientist’s son, who sent some signals, whose reply did come back in the form of an arrival of the spaceship. One of the aliens was left on the earth and the whole drama revolves around it.


An astronaut from some other planet was made a victim of theft and learns earthly customs and beliefs of different religions and ends up with a rival with the representative of god.

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A war between humans and extraterrestrials. But it has a twisted reality in which the lead of the story, played by Tom Cruise, discovers that the aliens are actually be fooling him and in reality making him fight his own race.

After earth


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A father and his son during their space travel happened to arrive on a planet which was classified  “dangerous”. Also, the beacon is lost on this planet which was the future earth and now unsustainable for humans. The son went on to the task to find the beacon as the father was injured so badly that he can barely move from a place.

2. Best Sci-Fi Movies: Medicine & Biotech



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The military made a program where soldiers could connect and share their dreams for experiencing fights and worst case scenario. The same technology is used by several groups to harness the idea of people and looting them. However, placing the idea was a bigger and a tougher challenge. The movie goes around in placing an idea in a person and changes everything because obviously, the idea is the most versatile thing in this world, positively or negatively.

The physician

It depicts the development of medical science centuries ago when there were no cadaveric dissections to learn medicine.

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It is a story of the psycho-medical practitioners in pathology and forensic departments who kill people for fun in a way that cannot be diagnosed in a post-mortem.

A beautiful mind

A Nobel laureate suffered a brain disease of hallucinations.

Jurassic park


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A company started recreating the dinosaurs for an amusement park procuring the DNA of dinosaurs from the fossil of mosquito.

Wrong turn

Several species made by the inbreeding in humans.

The Curious case of Benjamin Button

A man who took birth as an old and died becoming a baby.

The island

A clone making company prepares clones of humans to provide them the organs they require like kidney, heart or anything.

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3. Best Sci-Fi Movies: Artificial Intelligence (AI)



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An AI & time travel


All modern science involvement with an AI on top


A robot with an AI


An AI from some other planet

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Imitation game


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How Alan Turing got successful by developing an AI.

4. Best Sci-Fi Movies: Time travel

Back to the future

A story of a time traveler.

X-Men, days of future past


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Time travel of X-Men to deviate the past event.


Time travel and crime.

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Time travel to find and reverse the cause of fury.

Groundhog day

A story of a person experiencing the same day continuously for decades.

Edge of tomorrow 


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Time paradigm and security services.

5. Best Sci-Fi Movies: Real life science based

A beautiful mind  

A story of a Nobel laureate

The gifted hands of Dr. Ben Carson

A story of a pediatric neurosurgeon.

Imitation game

Story of Alan Turing

The theory of everything


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Life story of Stephen Hawking

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The man who knew infinity

 A story of the famous mathematician, S. Ramanujam.

6. Best Sci-Fi Movies: Science and magic

The Prestige

Using science in magic. An awesome fantasy of the magicians and scientists at the time of Tesla and Addison and a war between two magicians for being best.

Sherlock Holmes

Science in magic and science of detective

Now You see me


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Science in magic

Catch me if you can

Alien science

7. Best Sci-Fi Movies: Science and superhero



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Alien science


A scientist, businessman, playboy kind of personality, is always confident about his capabilities to fight any unearthly trouble with robots he creates.

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A millionaire of Gotham city who lost his parents in a tragedy fight against one of the all biggest evils of all time.


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From a planet Krypton, a capsule arrived on earth with baby superman, who was raised by earth parents and serve for the good of the society by hiding his real identity.

Captain America 

A solution was developed by a military which will transform a truly brave and country loving shoulder into nearly a super shoulder who will be called captain America.

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Biological mutations have led to the existence of humans with certain mutations which are contemporarily giving an add up power to these mutated beings.
This power has however created a bias and sense of in comfort in no mutated human race who are afraid of their invasion one day.
So there’s a kind of civil war in between the mutants as well as between normal humans and mutated ones.



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Peter gets a spider bite which significantly modified his DNA by the mutation which made him a spider like a human.

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