5 Most Amazing Selfies of All time



5 Best Selfies of all time.



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From last few years, the trend of taking Selfies and posting almost everything on the social networking platforms has increased a lot. Selfie simply means clicking the picture of yourself. Today, when people look for a new mobile phone, they can compromise on any other features but they definitely look for a phone with a great front camera for awesome selfies. Selfie is now famous in almost every part of the world. There are around millions of selfies that are being posted on the internet, every day.

Here, in this article on SAIKISITE, you will see the top 5 most amazing and different selfies of all time. This list has been made on the basis of  how much hard work has been put to take these selfies and also how famous they are? Your choice can totally be different from this list. Please comment below in the box and share if you have something interesting or funny to share.

So let’s start with the list:

1. Space Selfie

Space selfies are those selfies which are taken by the astronauts when they go the space. There are many space selfies taken by many different astronauts during their space missions. Among all those space selfies, the best one would probably be the first space selfie, taken by Buzz Aldrin in the year 1966 during his Gemini 12 mission. Buzz Aldrin, himself tweeted about this with that selfie.
Here is that selfie:

2. Oscar Selfie

This selfie was taken in the year 2014 during the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. The host of that ceremony, Ellen Degeneres wanted to have the most re-tweeted selfie of all time. So, she called few of the stars including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts to have  a picture with her. They took a selfie and she tweeted it and in just about an hour that post became one of the most famous posts of all time and it was the most re-tweeted selfie of 2014.
Here is that epic selfie:


3. Daredevil Selfie

This selfie is not only one of the best selfies but also the most dangerous one. Kirill Oreshkin, also known as the ‘Russian Spider-Man‘ is a daredevil from Russia who just go to the extreme of insanity to take the selfies. He does these kinds of stunts without any safety. He  just climbs up on tall skyscrapers and clicks some of the most dangerous yet amazing selfies. Many youngsters have even died by copying these kinds of stunts. So, do not try to attempt these kinds of things ever in your life. Among all his selfies, the best one could be the one shown below.
This is the selfie that he posted on Facebook:


4. Plane Crash Selfie

This plane crash selfie was taken at the time when a plane in Hawaii spiraled in the ocean. One of the passengers in the plane, Ferdinand Puentes, used his GoPro camera to not only take this remarkable selfie of the plane which can be seen behind him floating in the ocean but also made an entire video of the incident. This incident took place in the year 2013. All the people on board survived except one. This selfie was being shared all over the social media after Puentes posted it on Facebook.
Here is the selfie:

5. 6 and a half years of selfies

This one is famous for not just one selfie but many. Rebecca Brown took selfies every day for 6.5 years from the age of 14 to the age of 21. There are a total of 2347 pictures and then she made a video of all the pictures and posted it on YouTube. There are more than 15 million views on her video. You can click here to see this awesome project by her.

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So these are some of the amazing and most remarkable selfies taken by the people all over the world. You have any suggestion or you want to ask any question, then please comment below in the box. Keep reading SAIKISITE posts.

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