5 Most Popular Indians for Gadgets Review on YouTube


Do you know these famous Indians for Gadgets Reviews on YouTube?

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Here I am going to share  5 most popular Indians for gadget reviews. You must subscribe to them if you are really interested in getting updates on gadgets. They use YouTube as a platform to share their knowledge on different gadgets. Hope you like this.

Let’s look at some of the best gadgets review channels on YouTube by the Indian:


1. Gadgets Review: Gadget Diary (Akshay Aggarwal)


Gadget Diary YouTube channel introduces various gadget reviews, unboxing videos and much more. They cover reviews of latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, accessories and other devices. They upload detailed Reviews, Quick Review, Benchmarks, Gaming, Unboxing, Features and Overview videos of the devices mentioned above. They also try to cover interesting Tech Devices and accessories.

2. Gadgets Review: Phone Bunch (Abhinav Pathak)


Phone Bunch YouTube Channel brings you the latest reviews on smartphones, in-depth reviews, unboxing, along with news from the world of phones and tablets. Phone comparisons, detailed hardware specifications, customization Phone Finder to find the perfect smartphones and more, just a click away.

3. Gadgets Review: Phone Radar (Amit Bhavani)


Phone Radar YouTube Channel aims to report each of the technology stories in the deepest, unbiased and simplest way with the up-to-date info, making this as a resource for any phone enthusiast to learn about the present, the past and the expectations of the near future in the world of mobile phones.

4. Gadgets Review: Gogi Rana YouTube Channel


Gogi Rana is also a famous Indian YouTube gadgets reviewer. He is also sharing interesting videos on different gadgets. You must follow him.

5. Gadgets Review: Intellect Digest (Rohit Khurana)


On Intellect Digest YouTube Video Channel, Rohit reviews latest gadgets. Here we can get the reviews of latest smartphones, tablets, laptops, convertibles, ultrabook, speakers, camera and more. He uploads videos every day from Monday To Friday, and also many-a-times special weekend features and new launches as they happen to surprise you. Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for latest gadget videos.
These are some famous Indian Gadget reviews channels on YouTube.

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