6 Motivational Songs Every Blogger Must Listen To


Motivational Songs for Bloggers

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We all know, Blogging is fun. Putting your thoughts and views as an article in front of the world and teaching them about something you are good at, it’s just another feeling. When people comment on your posts and tell you about the positive or negative points of it, you feel really good because getting feedback from someone whom you’ve never met or saw and that too for your hard work, is a very special feeling. Blogging needs patience. If you are a starter in the field of blogging, then you have to be very patient with your work. It could be possible that you are posting almost 1-2 posts every day for a month but still you are not getting the traffic you are expecting. So, patience plays a very important role here. Sometimes, it becomes really frustrating. You just start to lose all the hopes. Sometimes, you also want to give up and quit. After creating SAIKISITE, there were and even today, many times, there are days when I get frustrated and lose my patience.
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There are many ways to get motivated and to stand up when you’ve fallen down. One of those many ways is to listen to some really motivational songs before you start your blogging to fill your body with positivity and a very good energy. Listening to these songs really gives you confidence. Here, I am sharing with you all some of the motivating songs which I am very sure, will motivate you to work for at least 3 more hours of your normal working hours.

So let’s look at some of the amazing songs


1. Eminem- Not Afraid

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Some people say that Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time, I guess I’ll agree with them. The ‘Not Afraid’ rap by Eminem is so motivating that after you listen to it and if you have some goals set for your life then immediately you’ll start working in that direction. This song fills you up with all positive energy. As a blogger, one must listen to ‘Not afraid’ because after listening to this you seriously won’t be afraid of any problem. Try It !

2. The Script- Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am

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This song is one of the most famous songs in the world. There are many people who connect themselves with this song by The Script ft. will.i.am. As a blogger, there’s always an insecurity that whatever hard work you’re putting on your articles or whatever you’re posting, is it all worth? Whenever you have such insecurity, just stop all your work and listen to this song twice or thrice and then go back to your work with all the positivity.

3. Fort Minor- Remember the name

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Mike Shinoda started this group Fort Minor in the year 2004 and in the year 2005, they came out with this epic song “Remember the name”. This song is dedicated to all those people who work hard every day just to achieve their goal, for everyone who knows that achieving anything big in life is not that easy. So basically, it is a song for all the bloggers like us. Listen to this one and I am very sure you will start working hard even more.

4. Tinie Tempah- Written In The Stars ft. Eric Turner

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In this song, the rapper Tinie Tempah is telling us about his story of struggle and passion. He tells us that how badly he wanted to get the success in his life. Every blogger would be able to relate to this song very well. You, as a blogger, can easily connect yourself with the story of the rapper. Listen to this song and you’ll be motivated a lot.

5. Kanye West – Stronger

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Kanye West’s Stronger is another brilliant track and very inspiring. When you start you own blog, there is always this feeling when you are not at all strong from the inside that it’ll work. You are also, sometimes, not sure about your content or niche. Your positive feeling is not at all strong. If you go through such feelings, just stop doing everything and listen to this epic song by Kanye West, it will make you ‘Stronger’.

 6. Eminem- Lose Yourself

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Eminem received an Oscar for this rap song. This song gives a complete introduction of a guy who has all the talent and it’s just that he can’t express himself for the people. Every blogger or web designer, who are working very hard, day and night to bring best of the results for their readers will be able to connect with this song very well. Eminem has very rightly said in this song ” You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. The opportunity comes once in a lifetime.”
So these are my top six motivational songs. I listen to them almost every day before doing my work related to SAIKISITE. These songs really motivate me a lot and fill me with positive energy. Tell me about your favorite songs and keep reading SAIKISITE blogs for more awesome posts.

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