8 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Blogging (Must Read)


Interesting facts about Blogging 

8 Interesting and unknown facts about blogging, Bloggers, SEO, Blogs.

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So, you must have been reading a lot about blogging, SEO, online marketing and many more things related to a blog. There many articles related to all these things on SAIKISITE.
Now, in this article, we will see some interesting facts about blogging that you probably didn’t know.
From last 15 years, blogging has been one of the most famous online activities. There are people all over the world who has been using the power of the internet to share their experiences, stories, facts, knowledge etc. with others. Blogging is an interesting way to create your audience or readers with whom you can share your articles.
The world of blogging has evolved a lot. Many things have changed.

Following are some of the interesting facts about blogging.


1. Blogging Facts:  Who started this? Who was the first one to blog?

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This is very interesting that who actually started this blogging ?. Who was the first person to blog?. Well, He’s Justin Hall. This American is known as the pioneer in the field of blogging. He is said to be the first person to publish the blog in the year 1994 and at present, he is working as a producer for the video games publisher group.
Justin Hall started his blog while he was in his college.

2. Blogging Facts: How many blogs are there in the world?

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This fact might blow your mind. According to the survey in 2013, there were around 153 million blogs in the cyberspace and the number continues to rise. Every second people are posting a great number of blog posts. The number is rising every day at a very fast speed.

3. Blogging Facts: What are the languages in which people blogs the most ?

There are a lot of languages in which a blog is posted all over the world. English is the language that people use for posting the maximum numbers of articles. There are around 60% blog posts that are written in English but there are blogs in many different languages all over the world like Spanish, Hindi, French, etc..

4. Blogging Facts: How many people are supporting their family through online blog earnings?

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This number is very less. Most of the people blog just because it’s their hobby. They do it for fun and they do it because they love to write and share their contents with people. There are very less number of people who do it as a professional. The number is around 26%. So taking blogging as a profession and depending only on it for your earning is a very risky thing  because there are around 60% bloggers in the world who earn around $1 to $100 through blogging. So, you cannot support your family with that amount of money. The above diagram will help you  understand even better.


5. Blogging Facts: Which is the most popular blogging platform?

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The most popular blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. Most of the new bloggers start their blogging with the Blogger.com and after a certain time, they switch to the WordPress. There are around 40% bloggers using WordPress and around 35% using Blogger.com.

6. Blogging Facts: Which age group is dominating the blogging business?

People between 21 and 35 are generally more into this blogging world. So, there are young people who are more in number in the world of blogging. They are around 52%.

7. Blogging Facts: What are the things that bring more traffic on a blog?

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This point along with being an interesting fact is also an important thing to remember and to keep in mind while you are blogging. Using pictures, videos and different links increase the traffic on your blogs. Also, posting around 20-50 posts can increase the traffic on your blogs to around 35%.

8. Blogging Facts: How much time is spent on Blogging?

At present, around 24% of the time of the internet is spent on the blogs and the blogging related works.
So these are some of the interesting facts about Blogging. If you have something new to tell or share, comment below in the comment box. We would love to read your comments. Keep reading SAIKISITE for more awesome blogs. 
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