9 Fun facts you never knew about Daredevil !!

Published by: Shlok Singh / Date: 1 July, 2016

The Man without fear (Daredevil) !!

As much as we all love the ‘Man without Fear’, He’s had strong history since the time he was created. The Daredevil may not be a famous character then, but he surely is now. Thanks to Affleck and Netflix for that.

1) His loved ones get hurt 

Karen Page was his first girlfriend as shown in comics and the Netflix series. She decided to become a pornstar after splitting with Matt and was later murdered by Bullseye. Heather Glenn was Matt’s second girlfriend. When Matt revealed that why can’t he have a normal life with her because he was the vigilante, the girl becomes an alcoholic and commits suicide within 2 weeks of the breakup. Elektra was the true love of Matt. He used to say that he feels free whenever he was around her. He even imagined his whole future around her, but she was killed by Bullseye. What he didn’t know that the ‘Hand’ found her body and resurrected her.

2) Daredevil inspired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Writers Laird and Eastman were quite impressed with Daredevil’s story. Not only were they inspired by the ‘Man without Fear’ but also linked the turtles to his story. Matt saves an old man from an approaching truck which spills radioactive chemicals in his eyes and gains superhuman abilities. These same chemicals went down the sewers where the four turtles and the rat were, thereby creating Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello and their master Splinter. One more link with between the two is that the name of Splinter, the master of the turtles, is taken from Stick, Matt’s teacher.

3) Affleck and Daredevil

For the 2003 movie, Ben Affleck was asked to play the role of Bullseye. But later the producers realized that Colin Farrell would be a better fit for Bullseye and Affleck should be given the role of ‘Man without Fear’. Without any doubt, it can be said that Netflix has done an amazing job with the series, but if you watch Affleck’s comment on his movie, he regrets and regrets. He said, “Wearing a costume was a source of humiliation for me and something I wouldn’t want to do again soon”.

4) Mathew Murdock was never the first Daredevil

Barry Allen was never the first flash. Hal Jordan was never the first Green Lantern. Johnny Blaze was never the first Ghost Rider. Daredevil’s predecessor was never a Marvel’s product. He was created by Lev Gleason Publications. Stan Lee read those comic books and got inspired by the character. The only difference was that the predecessor of the Man without fear was deaf and he used to fight Nazis before World War II, like Captain America.
5) Kingpin was never a Daredevil Villain

Kingpin, as we’ve all seen in Spiderman: the animated series, was a Spiderman villain. He was introduced in Spiderman #50.  Frank Miller took Kingpin’s character, gave it a new personality and put him in Daredevil as a cold-blooded and ruthless crime lord. Miller really did a great job. He made a C-class Spidey villain an A-class Daredevil villain.

 6) Daredevil helped in creating the Avengers

Bill Everett, who was Daredevil’s co-creator was fired by Marvel because it had been 6 months and he gave no other sequel to the first issue of Daredevil. This left Marvel into chaos as the Man without Fear didn’t hit the stores for at least 6 months. Seeing this, Stan Lee proceeded with his plan which he had in mind since the success of DC’s Justice League, called ‘The Avengers’. He put together all the existing heroes and formed a team and then their first issue was sent to take Daredevil’s place.
7) There was almost a Daredevil series to be shot in 1975

During 1975, David Bowie’s wife Angela, who was a world class model decided to do a series and she wanted to be Wonder Woman. But eventually, she bought the television rights for Daredevil and Black Widow. She showcased her acting abilities by casting herself as Black Widow in that sitcom. But no interest was shown in the series by producers and the show was canceled.

8) Man without Fear received his sight

Daredevil has regained his sight a lot of times in different issues over a number of years. The first time, it was Moondragon, a vague member of Guardians of Galaxy who used his gizmo to temporarily restore his eyesight but, this took his radar senses and he couldn’t fight and leap tall buildings. The Beyonder, servant to the Spider God also restored him his sight. The S.H.I.E.L.D trapped and brainwashed Matt to serve them as an agent. In the process, they installed a new pair of eyes in him. Also, once He was experimented with Extremis which worked and brought his eyesight back. Extremis was the serum that was used on Steve Rogers and made him Captain America. Extremis was also used on Tony Stark when the Arc Reactor in his chest was going to kill him.

9) Frank Miller’s inspiration

Frank Miller named Daredevil, ‘Man without Fear’ which is why he was set with one goal, to deliver a serious plot to the character. People today call Daredevil, ‘The Batman of Marvel’. His inspiration came from a strange place. Frank Miller was robbed off twice. He said, “After I got mugged, I was really eager to see criminals shot on sight”.