About CM Punk’s UFC 203 Debut Match

CM Punk's UFC 203 debut match is on 10th September. CM Punk UFC debut match details. CM Punk's UFC debut match opponent, Mickey Gall. Brock Lesner UFC Champ

Everything you need to know about CM Punk’s UFC 203 debut match

After Brock Lesner, it’s time for CM Punk to make his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Yes, readers, you heard it right. CM Punk is making his UFC debut on 10th of September against one of the pro wrestlers, Mickey Gall and I am here at SAIKISITE with the latest news regarding this historic fight and CM Punk UFC debut.

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Who is CM Punk ?


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Well, CM Punk is a world renowned, former WWE wrestler, a comic book writer, a mixed martial arts artist and is going to become the UFC boxer with his UFC debut on 10th of September. He gained his popularity as a WWE heavyweight champion.

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Speculations on CM Punk UFC match


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All the UFC fans are excited to see that will CM Punk be able to win the heavyweight champion title, just like Brock Lesner? Well, CM Punk has been training since his WWE career ended in 2014 and made his plan for joining the UFC. He is a true fighter, in spite of his shoulder injury last February, he didn’t change his plan and finally got an opportunity to perform in one of the most violent sport in this era. CM Punk’s coach Rufus said that participating in UFC is his lifelong dream and will give him inner peace. The world is definitely going to wait to see his talent in this field of sports.

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CM Punk’s UFC 203 debut match opponent, Mickey Gall


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Mickey Gall is a young and fast man with lots of power behind him. He has finished both his pro fights with the submission in the first round within 45 seconds and he uses his speed and strength to get those submissions. CM Punk, meanwhile, is an athlete of about 37 years, making his UFC debut. He has never fought before, dealt with a couple of injuries in the training. He is having no UFC experience at all.

All these facts tell us that things might not be in his favour. Mickey Gall has the upper hand, and if he executes his game plan the way he did in previous fights, Punk might end up struggling.

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Rules Bent For CM Punk

UFC Rules to become a pro-UFC kickboxer

cm-punk-ufc-debut-saikisite3Pic Credits: www.foxsports.com

  • You must have an experience of 5 amateur fights
  • With a winning streak

But CM Punk has nothing. No experience, no fights and no winning streak. So, UFC has bent rules for this famous wrestler, CM Punk, who is going to give them TRP

If CM Punk Wins his UFC debut fight

  • People will be criticizing him that he fought an amateur and fight was fixed and this happened just to enhance his superstar character.

If CM Punk loses his UFC debut fight

  • People will say that UFC made a mistake by signing a non-professional with zero experience.

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CM Punk’s UFC 203 debut match details


Pic Credits: www.foxsports.com

Date: September 10, 2016.

Venue: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio.

Time: 10 p.m. EST and 7:30 a.m. IST.

TV listings: Sony Six/HD, Sony ESPN/HD (India).

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In the end, I would like to conclude that this fight is going to be an action-packed fight. It is a must watch for all of CM Punk fans, seeing him showing his talent in the octagon. It doesn’t matter CM Punk wins his debut UFC match or not. He’ll always be a true legend.

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