All about the Kashmir Valley Unrest or Burhan Wani Aftermath

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Kashmir Valley Unrest

A benediction of nature’s beauty albeit with a sealed fate due to an unfortunate history and turbulent politics, the Kashmir valley yet again became a zone of mourning, bloodshed, and curfew in the July of 2016.Following the death of Burhan Wani, a sequence of aggressive protests took place in the valley. Consequently, the Kashmir Valley unrest of 2016 or the Burhan unrest was caused, resulting in causalities and injuries of over 60,000 people.

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Burhan Wani


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Burhan Wani was the militant commander of a Kashmir-based Hizbul Mujahideen or Azad Kashmir. Agitated by an incident in which he was attacked by a security personnel, he became a militant at the age of 15. A sworn enemy of the Indian rule in the valley, he was famous for his social media activities against the Indian rule.
On 8th July 2016 under a planned encounter by the Jammu and Kasmir police and the Rashtriya rifles, he was killed at an age of 21 or 22.

Aftermath of Burhan Wani Death

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The death of Burhan Wani erupted in protests across the valley. Attack on police stations, offices being vandalized and stone pelting was reported. By July 10th the brutal protests had caused at least 10 casualties.
On July 11th, Indian Air Force base was targeted for protests and the Kashmiri Pandits had to flee due to the constant attacks.
Shutdowns were announced for few days which later got extended to the 31st of July.
A hero for many in the valley, Burhan Wani was given the funeral of a martyr.
The killing of two innocent youth in the clash between security forces and protestors further agitated the situation.

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Domestic Reactions

Home Minister Rajnath Singh appealed to maintain peace immediately after the protests.
The Prime Minister Narendra Modi also appealed for the same.



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International Reactions

The United Nations asked the Indian Government to allow the investigation of alleged abuse of human rights. This request was downright rejected by the Indian Government citing the interference in the country’s internal affairs.
The spokesperson of the US State department, John Kirby’s statement on the issue indicated their concern about the killing of 30 people by the Indian forces.

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My two cents

As of 30th August, the curfew has been lifted from most parts of Srinagar and fortunately the conditions have pacified to an extent.


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But this unfortunate series of events has again shaken the people of Kashmir valley to their core. As a person, following the events in Kasmir through electronic media, my views are bound to be poles asunder from the people living there, struggling every day to live, and attain basic human rights. However, losing the members of their families and facing atrocities against them every day is a sight no region irrespective of their national and religious affiliations deserves to see. In what seems to be a desperate struggle by Pakistan to occupy Kashmir and militants to create a separate state for their own propagandas, which calls for extreme actions by the Indian forces, the real victims are the innocent lives that are brutally murdered in the valley in the name of protest and struggle. The lives of innumerable Indian army men have also been lost. And I believe I speak for every Indian, to the people of the valley (both for and against the Indian governance) when I say that our heart aches equally for the innocent lives of people killed in the valley as it does for the martyrs of the Indian army. What people of all the countries and militant groups involved in this brutal struggle need to understand is that every drop of blood shed from the valley and every life lost is a blot on one single land, our India.

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