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Android Nougat/ Android N

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Here, in this article of SAIKISITE, you’ll be reading about the latest version of Android that is the Android Nougat.
Talking about the different versions of Android, we’ve seen some concrete changes over the past user interface and to the ones that were incorporated in Android Lollipop and even some added ones in Android Marshmallow. With the era of a successful launch of Android Marshmallow, many smartphones have included in them fingerprint scanner technology along with retina scanner for better security of the smartphones. And the next version of Android that is following Marshmallow is Android Nougat or Android N and as declared by Google it will be available very soon in Indian Smartphone Market. Some of us might be unaware of the key features that make Android Nougat more advanced and unique than Android Marshmallow so don’t hesitate just read on, I’ll be discussing its key features with you right on.

Key features of Android Nougat (Android 7.0)

There are many features that have been improved in the new Android Nougat and also some new feature are added. All of these features are making the Android Nougat very different from other Android OS.

Android Nougat Features: Instant Control Toggles


Firstly, you all must have seen that we can get instant control toggles when we swipe up from the down of the screen and activating services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, torch, data connection and what not, and instant control on notifications by swiping down from the top of the screen.
But it’ll be different now. Android Nougat has made such feature seemingly less of a hassle as we can now get instant control toggles by simply swiping down from the top of the screen all in the same place. They have done such a thing with such perfection that now it is more space-efficient. Contents occupy the width of the screen with smaller fonts thus not overcrowding the whole of the display.
But the story doesn’t end here, in Android Nougat we can make notifications arrive in stacks like if we want mainly the notifications of social media giants we can enable it from the option and then only Facebook , WhatsApp , Instagram , etc notifications will be displayed which puts away the drawback of an entirely crowded screen .
Google has also introduced quick replies to third party apps as was the case in Whatsapp till now.

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Android Nougat Features: Multitasking

Secondly, nowadays you all might have seen in some smartphones the option of multitasking using multi-window and also running your video in the background and doing some other activity on the phone without any interruption. But Android Nougat has not just provided this option for some of its user but actually to each and every user using Android N. And the application part is also pretty simple; all you have to do is to press the Recent button from within an app and Voila! You will be able to select the second app to open alongside it in a split screen. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Earlier, the users had to be on one social media platform then opening another for replies which create a lot of fuss in switching between then but now both of your favorite social media giants will be there on your smartphone screen in a split screen giving you freedom of operating both of them simultaneously. You may also surf the web while simultaneously messaging people.

Android Nougat Features: Clear All

Thirdly, each of Android N users will be getting the feature of Clear All to kill all of the apps in the background and increasing your RAM with a huge amount and its use is pretty simple, all you have to do is simply press the Recent button and select the option and it’s DONE.
Along with it, Google has also enabled a double tap feature on the recent button which performs a quick switch between the app you are currently using and the previous operated one.

Android Nougat Features: Pinned Window


Fourthly, as we talk about the features that have been introduced recently, we come across a feature of pinned window of videos. Currently, this feature is limited to few smartphones but with Android Nougat its doors will be open to all. All of you can now enjoy the freedom and advantages of watching videos in a pinned window in the corner of the screen while continuing some other activity. And on top of it, Google has also incorporated Vulkan API support enhancing high-end gaming, VR, and other graphically intensive apps.

Android Nougat Features: Update an App in the Background

We can either update an app or use it but. Both the things cannot be done simultaneously but that’s not the case anymore. Now you can update an app in the background while using it.
Android Nougat isn’t just smart enough about its new features but in the latest edition of Android it has also tightened up the OS’s core components to such an extent that its system requirements have actually dropped. It would be able to run faster on slow end hardware which wasn’t the case in Android’s previous versions. Have you guys heard about Marshmallow’s Doze feature? It figures out when your smartphone isn’t being actively used, scales things back accordingly saving a huge amount of your battery which would otherwise be drained for no good reason. This feature has been passed down to Nougat also but with a quite deal of great enhancements. Also, if we compare Marshmallow and Nougat, the app can be installed 75% faster using 50% lesser space.

Android Nougat Features: Allo and Duo


Now for the last, I would like to introduce you all to two new features of Android Nougat that most of us didn’t know about. And those two features are
1. Allo
2. Duo
Quite interesting, right? Let’s know about them a little more.

What is Allo?

Allo is Google’s new messaging app. Allo can suggest replies to messages, based on the data stored in it already and what inference it is drawing from the words or pictures that have been sent to you. Allo also includes end-to-end encryption that is now widely incorporated in Whatsapp as everyone would be familiar with it securing the chat or conversations from the third party, under the banner “Incognito Chat”. In Allo, there’s a new feature available which gives us the freedom of setting the expiration of a message after a definite amount of time. Its idea is the same as we’ve seen in Hollywood movies of a self-destructing message but with the exception that your device will actually not blow likewise shown in the movies. We can also conduct web searches and make bookings from within conversations.

What is Duo?

Where on the other end, Duo is Google’s new video calling app promising to its users the easiest possible video calling app. There’s a feature called “Knock Knock” present in Duo that provides its user the previews of callers before you can actually pick up their call.
So, the new Android Nougat is one of the best OS by the Android and the features discussed about make it even more interesting.
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