All new iPhone 7 features, comparisons and review


iPhone 7 features and reviews

Are iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus worth a common man’s money?

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This is Pranjul, sharing my views on the new iPhone 7. 

Apple has made a bold statement of removing headphone jack. But alternates are also nice. iPhone 7, both the models, look similar to the previous iPhone 6s. There are still compelling reasons to consider it, even if you own the previous ones.

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iPhone 6 and its successor share a similar look. The key difference is the new added colors, jet black (black colored with glass finish) and matte black (known aptly as black).



However jet black will be having few problems :

  • It will be more slippery and thus probability of falling will be more
  • It will also be having fingerprint effect on its back (as some Samsung phone are having this problem)
  • Some scratch problem will be there 
  • It will only be available in the expensive iPhone models (128 GB, 256 GB)

Apple has used color matched antennas to phone body & moved it to the upper part of the body, making them partially invisible (which is quite good).

Also, the design looks sleeker and uniform, however, the dimensions remain same (138.3*67.1*7.1)

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For the first time, Apple officially declared iPhone 7 dust & water resistant,Now you can drop your iPhone into water without any fear  of  malfunction however you have been warned about charging wet iPhone



If you’re forever the iPhone pics ,uninstalling apps cleaning up apps for new apps then enjoy, it is now starting with 32 GB memory, 128GB, max is 256 GB

Biggest controversial topic was  that the Phone 7 the headphone jack was removed,this does not mean that your headphones are waste and you can not connect to woofer,apple is making an adapter to connect headphones to the  phone through charging port 

Battery capacity improved from 1750 mAh to 1960 mAh, in iPhone 7 plus to 2900 mA

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Photography (camera) plays a major role in the new handset. Thus, Apple has introduced 2 rear facing cameras in iPhone 7 plus. One for wide angle and another for telephotos (telephotos creates wide angle photos which basically means more clear photos and good zoom)



Earphones are surprisingly noisy (more sound without losing quality)



Positive Points

  • Better camera in iPhone 7 plus (iPhone 7 is having same camera quality)
  • New colors (matte black and jet black)
  • Wireless earphone
  • Enough space to store files

Negative Points

  • Similar to the previous iPhone
  • Too big burden on your pocket for minute improvements
  • Classic iPhone compatibility issues
  • Can not insert any SD card

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I personally found it very disappointing. Except for few improvements, the latest model, and its predecessor shared the same features. The design and software of the latest model remain similar so if you already have the iPhone 6, there are not many reasons to splash your cash on iPhone 7. Thus,  I personally suggest all my readers to avoid burning a hole in your pocket just for the sake of buying an iPhone.  

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