All the Indian Players in the Rio Olympics 2016 (Part 1 )


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Indian Players In the Rio Olympics 2016 (Part 1)

Just when I’m writing this post, it’s almost 24 hours from now that the Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony will take place in the city of Rio de Janiero and the biggest sporting event in the world will start. Rio Olympics 2016 will be the 31st Summer Olympics. The Rio Olympics 2016 will take place from 5th August 2016 to 21st August 2016. If you want a detailed information about the Rio Olympics 2016 schedule then click here.
206 countries and around 11000 athletes will take part in the Rio Olympics 2016 and they will contest in the total of 42 sports. Many dreams will come true, there will be some who’ll be on the losing side as well but representing your country in the Olympics is itself a very big thing. 15
Here in this article on SAIKISITE, I am going to share with you all the Indian player introduction who are going to represent India in the Rio Olympics 2016. In this article you’ll get the information about the players of Badminton, Wrestling and Tennis as it is the Part 1. You’ll get more in the coming parts. In India, most of the people do not know much about the players or sportspersons other than that of cricket but the fact is, they are also representing the country around the globe and working every day very hard to make the country proud.
In the Rio Olympics 2016, there will be 120 Indians players contesting in 14 different games. I hope, this detailed information about every Indian player in the Rio Olympics 2016 will help you in getting to know about these heroes in a better way.

So let’s look at each and every Indian player in the Rio Olympics 2016 (Part 1) :


Wrestling 2

India will have a total of 8 players representation in the Wrestling event in the Rio Olympics 2016. Just before the Games, the controversies started to erupt and an incident related to the famous wrestler Narsingh Yadav’s participation in the Rio Olympics 2016 took place. But after all these controversies the players are ready to fly to the Rio city to play.

Let’s look at the Indian wrestlers who’ll be contesting in the Rio Olympics 2016:

• Narsingh Yadav
An Arjun Award winner and a Gold Medallist of 2010 Commonwealth Games. After all the controversies around him, he’ll definitely aim for a Gold in the Rio Olympics 2016.
• Yogeshwar Dutt
A Bronze Medallist in the 2012 London Olympics . A Padma Shri and an Arjun Award winner, Yogeshwar Dutt is truly one of the favorites for a Gold Medal in Wrestling.
• Babita Kumari
At a very young age of 20, this Indian girl won a Silver Medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and after that, she didn’t stop. A bronze medal in 2010 World Wrestling Championship, a Gold Medal in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. She was awarded the Arjun Award in 2015. She is also one of the favorites for a Gold Medal in Wrestling.
• Vinesh Phogat
This young wrestler from Haryana won a Gold Medal in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games at the young age of 19. She won a Gold Medal in the Second World Qualification Tournament in Turkey and took a spot in the Rio Olympics 2016.
• Sakshi Malik
She is also from Haryana (Rohtak). At a young age of 21, she won the silver Medal in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in the 58 kg category. She is a positive hope for India to bring a medal.
• Sandeep Tomer
A 25 years old wrestler from Sonipat will contest in the 57 kg freestyle category in the Rio Olympics 2016. In last 2-3 years, he has proved himself as a very professional Wrestler by winning Medals in tournaments like National Wrestling Championships or Commonwealth Wrestling Championships.
• Hardeep Singh
He is also from Haryana and he is a Greco-Roman Wrestler and he shifted from Freestyle Wrestling to Greco-Roman in the year 2009. It will be for the first time after 2004 Athens Olympic that any Indian player will contest in the Greco-Roman Wrestling event.
• Ravinder Khatri
A son of a farmer and born in Haryana, Ravinder will also represent India in the Greco-Roman wrestling event. He also usually participates in a Heavyweight Wrestling events.
So with a total of 8 representations in the Rio Olympics 2016 and with that too of the finest wrestlers of the country, the hopes for the medals in the field of Wrestling is very high. A majority of the wrestlers among these 8 wrestlers are favorites for winning the medal for the country in the Rio Olympics 2016.

Badminton 3

Badminton is another such event in which the medal winning hopes for India are high. There are some world-class players who will be representing the country in the Rio Olympics 2016. There is a total of 7 players who will be smashing the shuttles to win a medal for their country. There are 4 women and 3 men, who’ll be representing India in the Rio Olympics 2016. The participation is both in the Singles as well as the Doubles events.

Let’s look at the Indian badminton players who’ll be contesting in the Rio Olympics 2016:

• Saina Nehwal
If you are an Indian that this name doesn’t require any introduction. A former World number 1, first Indian to win an Olympic Medal in Badminton (Bronze Medal, London Olympics 2012), recipient of almost all the prestigious awards of the country (Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna etc.). She is among the top Medal prospects from India and her achievements say it all. Saina Nehwal has made India proud at several events around the globe and it could happen again in the Rio.
• Jwala Gutta
She is also a master of her game. From 2013, she has won the National Badminton  Championship fourteen times and she is also among the top medal prospects of the country. She will be playing a doubles games along with her partner Ashwini Ponnappa. She is a brilliant world-class doubles badminton player.
• Ashwini Ponnappa
This player from the city of Hyderabad has also won many medals in different events such as the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, etc.. She will be playing in the doubles badminton event in the Rio Olympics 2016 along with Jwala Gutta as her partner. They’ll have their first contest on 11th August 2016.
• PV Sindhu
She is also from Hyderabad and has received awards such as the Padma Shri and the Arjun Award. She will be playing the singles game in the Rio Olympics 2016 and will have her first fight on 11th of August. PV Sindhu has won the bronze medals in the Commonwealth Games, the Asian Games and the World Championships.
• Srikanth Kidambi
This 23 years old boy from Hyderabad is currently the highest rank player from India, globally. His world rank is 11 at present. He’ll be playing the Men’s Single on 12th of August. He has a total of 7 Career Titles under his belt.
• Manu Attri
A 23 years old Meerut boy, when will step on the court on 12th of August 2016, will make a history because this will be his first Olympics appearance. He’ll be in a team with his doubles partner, R S Reddy, who is also going to make his debut appearance in the Olympics.
• R S Reddy
This 24 years old Badminton player is from Telangana. Reddy competed in the 2014 Asian Games and he’ll be making his historical debut in the Rio Olympics 2016 with his doubles teammate Manu Attri on 12th of August 2016.
It is not at all wrong in having an expectation from the former World number one, Saina Nehwal for an Olympic Medal in the Singles Event. If we see the doubles contest then India will have a good representation in the Women’s Doubles Contest as Jwala Gutta and A. Ponnappa. Since, the two players , Attri and Reddy, will be making their debut appearance in the Olympic Games, so we can not consider them as the favorites, PV Sindhu and Srikanth Kidambi could be a surprise.

Tennis 14

Four players from India will be representing the country in the Rio Olympics 2016 in the game of Tennis. it is not at all a safe act to put your money on the Tennis players in the Rio Olympics because firstly, tennis can change after every game and secondly, the players.

Let’s look at the Indian badminton players who’ll be contesting in the Rio Olympics 2016:

• Sania Mirza
This 29 years old Tennis player from Hyderabad is currently the World number in the women’s doubles contest. She is number one with her partner in doubles, Martina Hingis. Although, having hopes from a player with 3 Grand Slams Women’s Doubles Title, for a medal in the Rio Olympics 2016 is very obvious but the problem is that her partner(Martina Hingis) won’t be the same. On 7th August 2016, Sania will have her first match in the Women’s Doubles with her partner P Thombare.
• Leander Paes
This man needs no introduction at all. At the age of 43, he’ll be playing the Men’s doubles with his partner Rohan Bopanna on 6th August 2016. He has won all the four Grand Slams in the Doubles contest and also a Bronze Medal in the Olympics 1996 and that oo in the Men’s Singles Contest. Since, Paes is still young at the age of 43, so having an expectation from him and Rohan to get an Olympic medal for the country in the Rio Olympics 2016, won’t be wrong.
• Rohan Bopanna
This is also a famous name in the field of tennis in India. On 6th August 2016, Rohan, along with his doubles partner Leander Paes will have his first round contest. If they’ll work really hard and play with focus and determination then getting an Olympic medal for the country won’t tough.
• P Thombare
This young tennis player of India will be representing India in the Women’s doubles Contest with her partner Sania Mirza. P Thombare has also won a bronze medal in the Asian Games.
Since the participation of India is only in the doubles contest in the Tennis games and the players representing the country are top-class Doubles Contest player. So, we can expect a medal from an Indian in the Tennis game if they play there in the Rio Olympics 2016 with full concentration and positivity.
So these are the player introductions for the three games out of 14 in which Indian players are participating in the Rio Olympics 2016. There will be an ‘Olympics special articles‘ on SAIKSITIE for this Olympic season. So, we will be back with the other games player’s introduction.
So, this was a small player’s introduction list for Wrestling, Badminton, and Tennis. Keep reading SAIKISITE and we will be back with other Indian player’s introduction who will be participating in the Rio Olympics 2016. Comment below if you have anything to tell or to ask.
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