Android vs iOS (iPhone): Why Android is still better?



Android vs iOS

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So, here in this article of SAIKISITE, you’ll be reading about Android. We all know about Google. Android is an operating system that has been introduced by the Google that is running successfully worldwide. A lot of comparisons are made between different OS for smartphones viz. Android , iPhone OS, Microsoft,etc.. We all must have compare Android and iPhone OS at some point in time. It’s a general trend to seek and compare between the top two most widely used and successful operating systems. But the question then arises which is better? Android has certain cutting edge advantages over iPhone but that’s not just the case even iPhone OS has some very significant advantages over Android.  

Android vs iPhone Operating System


Many of you must be using the Android OS and most of you consider it better than the iPhone OS or any other OS. The basic advantage that Android users have is the availability of wide range of smartphones with varying versions of OS like some of us might be using KitKat or Lollipop or even Marshmallow. Not only this, nowadays almost all the smartphones have a feature known as the software update in which they can easily upgrade their Android OS, without incurring any extra cost. Most of the apps are free of cost available at the app store while other the OS, on the other hand, have same apps available for free but some may cost you a significant amount of money.

As said by Albert Einstein “Logic will get you from A to B. IMAGINATION will take you everywhere.”

Since past many years, we have witnessed the phones or smartphones changing its structure and appearance from old school type to the era where now most of them are available in sleek metallic or glass bodyworksadapting various new technologies like high-end gaming, QHD displays, fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, and what not. And all of these advanced features are incorporated in the Android smartphones at a very reasonable price range as compared to other devices.  Without ignoring the substantial facelifts in Android software platform including its user interface with some outstanding core features that just keeps on adding up, all of the credit goes to the search giant Google for completely redesigning the look and feel of Android over the past years.

Options in Android


We, as Android users , would agree that Android gives us the freedom of “choice” that no other OS can provide. We can choose between a wide range of applications to a different style of theme or launchers to set for our smartphones and not just depending on the default one. One of the reasons why android is considered better is the availability of a large selection of widgets that can be set on the home screen, providing the necessary data at our fingertips also saving us from the pain of opening different applications to get access to the same data.
You guys might have also heard about Airdroid and Tasker. If not then grasp the knowledge here.
These two software add full computer-like functionality to your smartphones. It allows Android users to treat their smartphones like a computer with file management and above that use it over mouse and keyboard.
Tasker is a unique app. It can give you the freedom to connect/disconnect the device, switch over to meeting mode and even switch to power saving mode after you set the parameters for carrying the same operation. It also comes handy in launching certain applications upon reaching a specific destination.
In the long run, I can conclude by saying this Android treats me like an adult. It doesn’t lock me into just a few methods or features. I also get to choose my own device, add storage on a whim. Android enables me to do a lot great deal of stuff that other operating systems simply isn’t capable of doing. Android gives non-root users greater access to the phone’s functionality. For better or worse, it’s a level of freedom that I think people are gravitating towards.
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  1. very good comparison done and i can understand the insight you have about android os.
    i would also like to pint out the amenable nature of android os. it offers great compatibility with smartphone running other os , which is where ios lacks a great deal…