Are we really free after 69 years of Independence in India?

After 69 years of Independence of India

After 69 years of Independence of India

Stepping out today, you get to hear  ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Ye Desh hai veer jawanon ka’, ‘Mere Desh ki dharti and more! Everywhere, every person is filled with zealous feelings of patriotism. At places of social importance, flag hoisting is being carried out, accompanied by the motivational speeches remembering and paying homage to the brave activists and fighters. News channels broadcasting their inspirational life stories, their struggles, their sacrifices, everywhere people giving their views, speaking on how difficult this freedom was to achieve, how much does it matter and how all of us should work to keep it safe. In short, patriotism is in the air.

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Is India really Independent ?


We celebrated our 70th Independence Day this year. Yes, we are celebrating the 69 years of our HARDLY EARNED independence. We are a democratic republic, we are FREE! But there in a corner of my heart arises is it really so? Are we really free? and if so, to what extent? Aren’t there things we still blindly slave to? When I observe these happening, a wave of regret strikes my heart, not because I’m unpatriotic, disrespectful to the nation or ungrateful to those figures of worship, but because today we are celebrating what I would like to term as ‘INCOMPLETE INDEPENDENCE’.

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How can say I’m free?

Looking deep inside, aren’t we bound to things that abstain us from being the ones we actually are? We are slaves to certain social norms and practices which somewhere our hearts know are wrong but practice the same because the famous “LOG KYA KAHENGE?” (what will people say?) keeps hitting. Still at places child marriages and honour killings are being openly practised. How can I happily celebrate? How can say I’m free? my nation is free when people over places are bound to perform and bear so. Is the curtain the society has put over those eyes so opaque that none of them can see what future circumstances await?

There are still many questions?


Isn’t a father who mortgages his lifetime earnings for his daughter’s wedding and dowry, bound to the society? Does a woman’s happiness depend on how much her father can be squeezed leaving back in him mere drops of blood to JUST SURVIVE? Aren’t we bound to the evils that reside inside of us? Aren’t we slaves to the corruption, the dirty politics, the much prevailing casteism , racism and the one most of us suffer today, the reservation?

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We are! Aren’t we blindly bound to the religion, to an extent where bloodshed remains the only solution? Does any religion teach or allow so? Aren’t we slaves to the international controversies and wars? What does a war bring? Sorrow, death, mass destruction and the never ending depressing list continues. Why do we even need United Nations? Can’t there be peace itself around?

Aren’t we still slaves?


Forgetting about other nations, promoting everywhere “EKTA ME BAL” (Strenght in Unity), “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” we as a country itself are not united. Riots, murders, bloodsheds have stuck to us in some way or the other. Aren’t we slaves to the system that prevails here? Yesterday only on a very reputed news channel I heard some person speak , I quote “ YAHA KA TO YAHI HAI SAHAB, AMEER AUR BHI AMEER HOTA JA RAHA HAI AUR GARIB AUR BHI GARIB.” (the rich get richer and the poor get poorer). The very sentence did hit me so hard and somewhere aggravated the feelings which were already there. Tell me how can I be happy when people somewhere in my country are struggling for their basic needs (“Roti, Kapda and Makaan”)


Now, when we are celebrating the 70th Independence Day, it would be one when someday we will be free from all these evils prevailing in our society, our country, our hearts and our souls, free from anything unsocial or inhuman. Isn’t it our duty to work and struggle for the real independence? The way our ancestors did to free us from the British, we can work for our country to be free from other evils. I hope that would be the real homage to those amazing people. All it needs is a little hope, a little of hard work , a little dedication, a little selflessness and a heart to think from. Till then days, years or generations may pass, but somewhere in every heart will a question arise ‘ARE WE REALLY FREE?’

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