How to avoid certain things in life and be successful?

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How to be successful in life?

Hello folks,
This is Mukul Upadhyay back with another article at SAIKISITE on How to be Successful?
I am sure all of us want to be successful and want to achieve one or the other thing in life. For achieving success, sacrifice is inevitable. This article is exclusively for all the men who want to achieve something in life and face major distractions due to girls or relationships.

How to be successful?: Few Important Questions

How to avoid certain things in life and be successful?

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So allow me to start with few simple questions but very crucial questions–
How many girls in a day do you text with?
How many hours a day do you spend texting i.e. writing texts, reading texts or simply staring at them?
Tell me the number of girls to whom you used to text with the same pace as you do it now?
And Now tell me the difference between the girls you text now and those you don’t anymore.

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How to be successful?: A Clear Fact

How hopeful we have been that we don’t get a simple fact that people around have got a lot of time and if she is texting with you doesn’t mean that she will become your girlfriend.
Allow me to tell you a shitty secret you know already and that is you are not the only guy she texts too. But when it comes to girls we have lost all our self-esteem. We won’t give the same thought for our parents. Especially not for ourselves. We will simply dump our friends any day because of her.

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How to be successful?: Self-Serving Choice

How to avoid certain things in life and be successful?

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Now let me tell you that why the girl you are texting with is an idiot? Because the real gems are not sitting around texting with random people. As they have got some goals In life and are working for it.
Presently you are in shit so you are meeting shit and dealing with it. So if you want to meet such girls who are real gems then you will have to elevate yourselves from the shit you are in now.
And for that, you got to work hard and work your ass off.

If you keep texting her the same way, you will realize that you actually don’t understand what she wants. She says something and does something else. And later she will take your years, opportunities, money and leave you with regret. Let me tell you that she is not doing it deliberately, she isn’t a villainous evil mastermind. This happened because she doesn’t know anything about her life and doesn’t even care to know. So, at this point, she takes a self-serving choice and starts living in the moment. The self-serving choice may include anything that is cars, bikes, money, parties or anything like this. So stop talking to them if you don’t want to be called an idiot.

Now if you are in a relationship that is not going well, then trust me; sooner or later it will end because she isn’t enjoying either, so now you got two choices to make – your career or the certain amount of time of suffering until she kicks you out. But we are hell-bent upon the compromising mindset.
Stop making compromises, start making sacrifices.
If you want to be successful then get out of the relationship the moment you think its affecting you. Resolve, to give your 100% to your work.
Ask any person with a similar experience, not any sort of joy, sex, nothing makes up for the waste of time and opportunities lost.

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How to be successful?: Conclusion

How to avoid certain things in life and be successful?

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I don’t want you to look back and regret of anything in your life. Many people think that there is some big life changing lessons to learn from a breakup. But let me tell you that there are no lessons to be learned from a breakup except that some people are not trustworthy and this you already know. So stop thinking that girls are some heavenly creatures who will enter your life and make it better.
Don’t think that your life is a movie in which actress, the most beautiful girl, will support you in the hard days and make your life better. Movies provide us with the greatest motivation for having a girlfriend.
And when reality hits you hard, you understand the whole thing.
I am not stopping you from having a girlfriend, be in a relationship but only and only if that relationship is contributing to your growth.

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If you make a girlfriend because she is hot or you finally have a girlfriend then you have put yourself in another trouble and waiting for regret to happen.
You also got to distance yourselves from friends who are addicted to drugs, alcohol. And want you to join them. These people are escapists, who don’t have any ambitions in life. So to escape from the life they take these drugs. Connect yourself with the people who share your focus and people who can teach you something. People who can help you in being successful in life.

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  1. This article would have been much better and justified if it was not meant only for boys. You could have generalized it for both the genders because it’s not always boys who waste time on stupid girls. It can be vice versa too.