Balochistan and Pakistan: How long can a torment last?



With no offense, the first thing that strikes, to almost everyone, hearing Pakistan is ‘a nation in a plethora of controversies’.  A lot is always heard about its conflicts with certain countries, but today in this article of SAIKISITE, I will tell you about its relations with one of its four provinces, Balochistan and India’s involvement in the same.


Balochistan is a desert and mountainous region spread in southwestern Asia in Pakistan, Iran and some parts of Afghan provinces, major portion being in Pakistan, both in terms of area and population (6.9 billion approximately), being the southwestern of the four provinces of the country.

The Conflict


This conflict, basically being a guerilla war by Baloch nationalists, started soon after the independence. The Baloch people want autonomy, an independent state, for which they have been constantly revolting, then major ones taking place in 1948 (first conflict) led by Prince Karim Khan, in 1958 (second conflict) led by Nawab Nowroz Khan, in 1962-63 (third conflict) led by Sher Muhammad Bijrani Marri, 1973 (fourth conflict) led by Khair Baksh Marri and his foundation, Balochistan People’s Liberal Front (BPLF), and a firmer beginning in 2004 led by Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Mir Balach Marri.


In spite of being the country’s largest producer of natural resources and agriculture, it is one of the poorest regions. The Balochs have alleged Pakistan’s central government of suppressing the province’s development. While the country is reaping its largest share of the economy from Baluchistan, traders over there are not paid their share of profit. There has been a gradual fall in the country’s GDP from Baluchistan’s share. Termed as the neglected province, people there lack even basic facilities. Having the highest maternal and infant mortality rate, poverty rate and the lowest literacy rate keeps digging the revolutionaries. Economic, regional and developmental inequalities are the major concerns. Being heavily indebted, the province receives quite less royalties as compared to the other provinces. It also lacks proper infrastructure and the government is further alleged of taking no developmental measures towards it. Lack of skilled labor is another area of concern which results in immigration and multiple cultures, bothering the Baloch nationalists. Also, the Pakistani army is accused of repeatedly molesting the Baloch women. Apart from these, certain innumerable differences and ill treatments are done which have raged the revolutionaries and the nationalists, who regularly burst out, demanding more concern or an independent nation state and the rage is now so high that the day appears no far away.

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India’s Involvement


India has been reportedly accused, along with the US, of supporting the Baloch rebels. According to Pakistan, India is behind the instability and the rebellion. Recently, an Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Yadav has been arrested by the Pakistan police and is accused of being tasked by the Research And Analysis Wing (RAW) for bombing Chinese nationals in Balochistan. Well, I guess this is what Pakistan is best at blaming India for all its disturbances.

Kashmir And Balochistan


Now what should one think of the Kashmiri protestors who want to be a part of Pakistan, which is already governing one of its provinces in such way? There’s quite a similarity between Kashmir and Balochistan. Both want to be freed from their respective countries , major protests going on but are the reasons same? Baloch’s being a wise one, the Kashmiri’s? I won’t comment.

Prime Minister’s Speech


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech this Independence Day, addressed the Baloch people saying and I quote “I thank the people of Balochistan, the people of Gilgit and the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) for the goodwill they have shown towards me.” While the remark met angry comments from the opposition, the Baloch leaders thanked him for raising the issue.


What could have been the possible reasons that he brought up the topic? Sympathy, to win the support of Baloch nationalists? a message to Kashmiri protestors? or an indirect warning to Pakistan? Is there a pot of injustice which is about to be full? Is it the time Pakistan has to answer the world of all the injustices to Balochistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir?
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  1. Miss avisha arora sry abt offending ur comment on “kashmiri’s want separation from india”,, may be u need a deeper analysis,, coz its just a grp called as algav vadis who are in favour of separation and they are alsopakistan’s fed puppies, masses are aware of Pakistan. But the fact can’t be ignored that even being a province in India its not rejoicing the part of freedom they should have.