Best of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory (TBBT)

Here are some of the best quotes or phrases from Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory (TBBT).Some famous top quotes and dialogues of Sheldon Cooper in TBBT

The Big Bang Theory by Sheldon Cooper

We all have a childhood hero or a character from movies or serials whom we desire to be like. Let me share one of my childhood heroes whom I never tried to copy or be like because you certainly can’t copy an autistic guy. Being socially awkward can be very challenging at times and that’s where the fun begins in The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon even made the death rays failed to protect him from bullying.
Here are some of the most often used phrases or quotes by Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory. Best of Sheldon Cooper Quotes.



Whenever Sheldon feels that he has smartly manipulated someone or the jokes cracked by him are awesome or he has got someone in his trap he shouts BAZINGA! and the way he says that will make you spill out your laugh, uncontrollably.

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“I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested”


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Being socially awkward, Sheldon keep on attempting unacceptable statements because of which people can’t resist asking him or his fellows, “Is he crazy?”
To which Sheldon arrogantly replies, “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested”.

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“I’m the master of my own bladder”


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Sheldon keeps himself busy on his laptop, solving string theory problems, playing games or emailing and what not and when he is not doing all that, he’s afraid of ghosts. Sometimes, when Sheldon gets the nature’s call (urge of urination), so in order to not to get interrupted he often states that , “I’m the master of my own bladder”. However, poor Sheldon sooner runs violently, proving his bladder being his master.

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Dr. Leonard, Dr. Raj , Dr. Amy but Mr. Wolowitz


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Everyone in Sheldon’s contact from Caltech has a doctorate’s degree except his friend (not even tertiary), Howard Wolowitz, who is only a postgraduate. Sheldon calls everyone’s name adding a ‘Dr.’ and in last calls Mr. Wolowitz making him feel low and least educated in the group.

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“That is my spot”


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Sheldon cooper is a lover of homeostasis and doesn’t appreciate any change in the surroundings where he dwells. Even the place where he sits on the sofa is fixed and no one can occupy that place in his presence. The reason for this spot is explained by Sheldon, as a place which is perfect for watching TV. He need not to rotate his head and both the windows in the drawing room are aligned via that spot and the bigger reason is, in the perspective of a theoretical physicist, that spot will be an easier approach to connect all of him present in the multiverse to approach and contact each other whenever technology becomes feasible.

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“When I’ll win Nobel prize someday I’ll tell this world, how foolish u were”


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Sheldon is a big lover of Nobel laureates and his childhood dream is to get a Nobel prize at a very young age. But since he is autistic, even the very nice approach or help by Penny can’t resist Sheldon saying the truth even on her face.

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“I’m sick, please sing the soft kitty song for me”


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Sheldon is nothing more than a big brilliant baby. All his demands and deeds are like that of a child and when he happens to get sick (though being very peculiar about not even any often contacts, hand-shakings, and food sharing with people), he urges his mom and sometimes Penny to sing ,“Soft kitty, Warm kitty” for him.

So, this is just a small glimpse of Dr. Sheldon Cooper. To know him even better and to enjoy that character, do watch the Big Bang Theory. If you are a science geek and haven’t watched this T.V series, this is a sincere advice from your nerd author.

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