Characters of DC copied or stolen from Marvel


Characters DC copied/stole from Marvel
We may be kids but when it comes to who is the best superhero or which is the best comic production company, we become Warriors. They all are inspired by these characters. Especially, there is a fight between the fans of the characters of DC and MARVEL. Not a lot of us know that these heroes might just be stolen or copied from another comic book company. There are facts which clearly state that DC stole/copied some characters from Marvel and vice-versa. So it is my job to enlighten you with these facts.

These facts are as following:

• Aquaman VS Sub-Mariner

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In 1939, when Marvel was known as Timely comics published Marvel #1 where the issue featured Namor, a sub-mariner who terrified the surface dwellers because of the abuse of the beings in his water kingdom. He used to battle the surface dwellers but they were always helped by Human Torch, a member of the fantastic four. But after a change in his heart, soon Namor joined forces with the Human Torch and Captain America and fought against the Nazis in World War II. After 2 years of the debut of Namor, DC, which was initially called National Comics published ‘More Fun Comics #73’. This issue was for the Aquaman to make his debut. Arthur Curry’s father was a scientist who experimented on his son and gave him the abilities to breathe underwater and control the aquatic animals.

• Bumblebee VS The Wasp


Marvel gave a helping hand to the Ant-Man in 1963. It debuted Wasp. She has the same abilities as that of Ant-Man. She can shrink but has the same power and energy like what she has when she’s normal. What makes her different is that her suit is equipped with wings and she can sting criminals. 13 years later DC gave Bumblebee, an assistant to the Atom, his suit and intellect is same considered to the Ant-Man. Bumblebee can fly and sting. She is DC’s first female African-American superhero.

• X-Men VS Doom Patrol and Teen Titans


In 1963, DC’s Doom Patrol and Marvel’s X-Men both debuted at the same time. The story was quite the same. A group of extraordinary people, hated by the society join forces and fight against crime. Their leader is a bald man on a wheelchair. The Doom Patrol was better than the X-men. But later in the year 1975, Marvel gave X-men some new characters with a new script. The new characters were Nightcrawler, Colossus, Banshee, Hulk and Wolverine. The X-men then was known to be the most famous franchises. What DC did is it made Teen Titans which consisted Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and new debuting characters like Cyborg, Starfire and Raven. Beastboy was a part of Doom Patrol, soon promoted to be a Titan.

• Kobra VS hydra


Hydra was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. Hydra used to work initially under the Red Skull against Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. DC, when took Kirby for a writer, produced Kobra which is a snake-obsessed organization receiving orders by the man with the same name. But still, Hydra is better, so “Hail Hydra!

Some honorable mentions

• Captain America in 1941 and Guardian in 1942
• A.I.M. in 1966 and H.I.V.E. in 1980
• Silver Surfer in 1966 and Black Racer in 1971


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