Check Website Performance Through Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool

Published by: Vishal Jaiswal / Date: 2 July, 2016

Importance of Google Webmaster Tool and Google Analytics Tool to Analyse Stats of your Website

Importance and benefits of using Google analytics and webmaster tool. All search terminology technique and performance stat website checking through SEO and impression with webmaster tool.
Hello Web Developers and Designers, here I am sharing the importance of SEO, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster. Basically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports in Google Analytics give data about Google Web Keyword Search that have returned into URL results from your webpage. These reports are accessible on the off chance if you have done two things:
  1. Included your website and confirmed it with Google Webmaster Tools
  2. On the off chance that you have not yet utilized Webmaster Tools, you should add your webpage to Webmaster Tools to start gathering look inquiry information for the SEO reports in Analytics. 
  3. Designing SEO reporting inside Google Analytics.

Utilizing the SEO Reports of Website with Performance

With the SEO reports in Analytics, you can without much of a stretch analyze Google Web Search impressions and snaps for your website to other activity source information from Analytics, for example, paid AdWords impressions and snaps. By distinguishing the Google Web Search inquiries that direct people to your webpage, you can likewise realize which AdWords catchphrases bode well for your business destinations. Also, you can recognize how to improve your site for both substance and hunt quality.

The SEO reports in Google Analytics show up under the Traffic Sources area in the My Site tab of Analytics. These reports give the accompanying general information about your webpage’s execution in Google Web Search results:

  1. Questions clients wrote to achieve your site.
  2. Number of impressions of your site’s URLs in indexed lists pages.
  3. The quantity of snaps on your site’s URLs from indexed lists pages.
  4. The proportion of snaps to impressions for your site’s URLs.
  5. The normal position of your site’s URLs in inquiry postings.
  6. The pages guests arrived on when tapping on indexed lists posting your site

Utilizing Google Webmaster Tools

In the event that you as of now utilize Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, the SEO reports give a webpage execution view intended for Analytics. In the event that you have not yet utilized Webmaster Tools, you should add your webpage to Webmaster Tools to start gathering hunt question information down the SEO reports in Analytics.

In either case, Webmaster Tools gives you the accompanying data and investigation past the SEO reports in Analytics:

Google Webmaster Tools Site Performance Data 

  1. Supporter details
  2. Rundown of Site Links
  3. Content Keywords
  4. Inward Links

Google Webmaster Tools Management Tasks

  1. Setting up Webmaster Tools 
  2. Site Configuration 
  3. Site Verification 
  4. Diagnostics 
  5. Test Features