College Crush Diary: Chapter-1


College Crush Diary: Chapter-1: The story of The little guy

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I am Mayank Garg and here in this article of SAIKISITE, marks the beginning of the college crush diary. This article is about the little guy we have all seen. Nothing special about him just a simple everyday guy who has just started his college life. He has to travel new roads that he knew would confront him one day. Whether or not I continue the story of this little guy is for my readers to decide. Just leave a comment and I’ll know that this college crush diary will have its next chapter.

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Chapter 1- Infatuation

The Butterflies

Once upon a time in a small college campus, there was this silly little guy. This little guy busy in his own world walking down the road, saw someone, walking on the footpath near the park. It was not in his nature to wander his eyes but this time, he couldn’t keep his eyes away. He felt something that he had not in a long time. The guy went towards what his eyes saw, unaffected with anything happening in his vicinity. He was overtaken by an unknown feeling. With his fingers shivering and legs shaking. He conjured up all the courage he had and said “Hi”.

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The Fear

The girl was with her friends. The little guy was afraid of being ignored that the girl turned out to be polite. She replied with a smile and a “Hi”, hearing this he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face but her friend noticed who turns out was his classmate and an old acquaintance. Someone he knew by destiny, not by choice.

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The Success

Now he had to divide his attention. The friend now talked to him more than he wanted to while the centre of his attention took a side stage. He had to sweet talk his way out of her topic and begin his own because he just wanted to talk to her. He succeeded twice. The friend smelled something wrong. She knew something was going on. Why wouldn’t she, his excitement was worth a thousand words. She now said bye! and tried to take the girl away from the guy. The girl couldn’t say anything even if she wanted to. After all who was he to her.



The Hope

As they went away, the feeling of Deja Vu grew on him. He knew, this time, it has to be different from what had happened many times in his school days. So he ran towards her. The fear was now replaced by hope. He went up to her and asked her name which he forgot to ask. He was too smitten to ask for something as meagre as her name, this much was his excitement. But somehow that didn’t seem enough. He asked her “Do you come here for a walk daily?” His heartbeat was stronger than it had ever been. What she did next was beyond his imagination.

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The Anticipation

She smiled but no words came out of her mouth. This reaction played with his mind, it was encouraging for his feelings. The next thing he remembered doing was sending her a request on Facebook, hoping that what transpires wouldn’t be the end of it all. Four hours later the request was accepted. The happiness came in bundles. Now there was hope. Now they started talking. Not too much but just enough. They talked for approximately an hour a day. Every time they talked he knew something special could come out of this.



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The Courage

Then a week later, on one fateful night, he asked her again “Would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?”, he knew that he ran the risk of coming across as desperate but that unknown feeling had pushed him to his limits. The message was seen but no reply came, he realised that he had gone a bit too far, now there was nothing he could do except wait for her reply. He waited and waited. His heart skipped a beat next morning when he read the reply that she sent.

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