How to compress images on Android without losing quality?

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Now you can compress images on your Android phone without losing quality

This post is published by Shubham Habib.

These days Smartphone cameras are getting better day by day, they’re improving at  rapid pace and their growth in the camera world is so significant that today you don’t need to own a DSLR to click high-resolution images, you can do it all from your smartphone without paying a huge amount of money for your camera, such kind of revolution has been created by smartphones in the world.

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You can click the most high-quality images from your Smartphone, but it has the huge drawback it clicks good photo but also increases the size of the photo by a big margin.

So clicking photos by your smartphone has its own pros and cons which can’t be avoided by us, so we need to compress them without losing their quality, which seems to be very easy task but it is not.

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If you look on the internet you would find many tools and application which claims to reduce the size of the image without hurting its quality.Well to solve that problem I will be talking about a great tool which is the

Well to solve that problem I will be talking about a great tool which is the best tool, I was able to find on the internet to compress images without hurting its quality.

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The name of the tool is photo compress 2.0, which is the second and a better version of the first application which used to compress images but this version does it in a more efficient way. The developer of the App is Saawan Apps and it is rated 4.2 stars on Google Play store.

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Steps to Compress image Using Android Smartphone –

1. First of all, Download & Install Photo compress 2.0 App in your Android smartphone.


2. When you’ll open the App you’ll find two options named camera and gallery. You have to choose the desired option to compress your image.

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3. When you desired image would be loaded you have to simply click on quick compress option, once you do that you image will be compressed automatically.


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4. Then you have to just simply click on the replace option, once you do that your new compress image will replace the old one.

5. Well, in this App there is another great feature that if you want to compress the image manually, which means you want to set the quality of the image on your own then you can do that by just clicking the compress option.

6. That’s it you’re done, that’s the simplest way to compress the images by using your smartphone.

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Ending the Article –

So, guys, as I told you before this, was the best App that I was able to find to compress the images. As you read the article it’s very easy and efficient way. As far the App is concerned it is fast easy to use and completely Ad free, so you’ll really enjoy using it. It doesn’t contain any annoying ads at all.

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Coming to the point, the main benefit a person can get is a great tool and an efficient way to reduce the size of any image captured from any device.

So, hence was the post to compress images in Android without losing quality by using Photo Compress 2.0 App. I hope you like the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.