Cool Tricks To Speed Up Windows 10 Performance


How to speed up Windows 10 performance?

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It’s Pranjul again, grabbing the chance to share simple tricks to speed up your windows 10. There are few steps to follow, after that you will experience a new powerful & faster Windows 10. It’s been a problem for many that their windows is slowing down (performance problem).

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So I decided to share simple tricks to get rid of that problem and to speed up your Windows 10 performance.

Step 1- Power option

Go to control panel => hardware and sound=>power and options then choose high performance in the menu .


Step 2- stop startup program

Guys,  there are too many unnecessary programs (startup program) that start automatically at start up. To make window 10 faster we need to stop that programs.

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In order to do that follow:

Step A

Open task manager (the simplest way I love to use is by pressing (ctrl+shift+escape) keys)


Step B 

Click on startup tab select unnecessary apps and click disable (these apps will not start automatically on window startup).


Step 3-Delete unwanted files

Open  run command box (win key+ r)

type:“%temp%”, temp, prefetch one by one  in it 




A window will appear delete all the content in it.

Step 4 -Clean up memory

Windows stores many unwanted files, so we need to clean that memory also in order to do that.

Open My computer =>right click on c drive=> click on properties=>disk cleanup=>cleanup system files.

After it’s done, all unwanted files are deleted from computer

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Step 5-Reduce Animation Service

Windows  is famous for its animations which creates a great visual effect but these may affect your windows performance, in order to do that follow these steps.

control panel=>system=>advance system properties=>setting.

A window will appear containing a list, and all checked, these are the animation which makes our window better-looking.




That’s all for this time hope that the information was useful and it will boost up the speed of your Windows 10.

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