Education and Economy: Preference of technical degrees over liberal arts



Education and economy

It’s been a while since I have been associated with you all through SAIKISITE and today I thought it is an apt time to introduce you all in this article of SAIKISITE, to a most pertinent educational disguise in India : differentiation of subjects. Apparently the preference of technical degrees over liberal arts.

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Education and Economy: Techno turmoil


In the present scenario, where education is redefining the financial capita of the nation. A basic inclination of scholars (mind the term scholar not merely a student thus metaphorically the cream brains) towards technical degrees and skill development auras is observed that ensures them a sustainable and secure career options. Knowledge processed outsourcing further galvanizes their efficient future prospectus for a commercially rich and vibrant career under the canopy of tertiary or quaternary sectors. Stats of education ministry too canvass the same image as more than 80% scholars opt the same path.

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Education and Economy: Liberal leprosy


The woods diverged in two paths and I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference. Unfortunately, this literary artefact is conserved only in the vaults of decaying pages as there is a drastic decline of 38% enrolments over the past decade in liberal arts and research studies owing to stringent and insecure empowered career orientation in the same.  Thus the quaternary sector of the nation has suffered a major setback and the social shackles of crime and inefficient bureaucratic hierarchy is no amusement. As compared to nations like Sweden, UK, Luxembourg where there is a great inclination towards the same is clearly fruitful in the nations secure and magnanimous authorization and socio-cultural diversification. Today, another Tagore or Amartya Sen is a parody of dreams !!!

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Education and Economy: Combating The Devil


An equilibrium needs to be established amidst the same as along with a strong workforce, an efficient managerial system too is required to embark the mortar of sustainable and holistic development. The government surely needs to invest in the latter sector but the truth can also not be out looked that a flowing river minds its own pathway similar to the willpower of a nation with 65% youthful nationals.

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