Here is everything about THINKt@inment, a brand new YouTube channel


THINKt@inment: A YouTube channel

It is a YouTube channel which has only completed its 2nd week on YouTube and is growing very slowly but with a nice pace being the starters.

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THINKt@inment: Why this name?

THINK- as we all know thinking and t@inment- it is derived from entertainment.


THINKt@inment: What is the idea behind this?

YouTube is obviously a wonderful platform to display your talent in various formats and there’s a huge shift of people from TV to YouTube for the entertainment of the new world or say the entertainment which is least fake. But most Indian channels are only showing the videos for enjoyment purpose, not for knowledge purpose and no one is benefited on any ground except some giggles on obviously the absurd abuses. (We are not against it. We love it too!!!)

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THINKt@inment: What was the need of the channel?

Our plan was to bring a channel which acknowledges you about health conditions and medical phenomenon, so people can receive knowledge along with having fun (at least users deserve this bounty in exchange to their data packs).

THINKt@inment: Who are the host?

The hosts are the medical students who do research on the topics to be explained in each episode. The cast will not be static as in most other YouTube channels. Rather we have invited medical students from different medical colleges to come and host an episode on a simple condition of coming up with their own new medical condition and research. It was a random announcement but it really received a far better response than we thought. We hope this strategy will work best in favor of our channel because to sustain on social media you need to come with new things every day.

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THINKt@inment: How our channel is different?

Our channel has this motive of spreading awareness of medicine in common people.
When a student joins a medical college, his fate is decided by the number of patients or the cases he observes and learns from. From this conjecture, this unique idea came up of explaining the medical phenomenon by relating them to famous movies, social media, news and internet culture, so the viewers can relate the conditions with our explanation and can understand what exactly the disease is about.

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THINKt@inment: What are our future plans?

We want this channel to grow as big as it reaches every single student community in India and foreign as well. For that, we have also started working on dividing segments for different genres of videos. We are now also expanding the team to engineering, economics, and other disciplinarians so every sector of students can harness the best of it.

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THINKt@inment: Our social links

We have a Facebook page called Thinkt@inment official page. Like our page. Here all the updates on working on videos and other details are published.
Our YouTube channel is yet a very small Enterprise. We invite you all to join us and help us grow big. Please like, share, comment and most importantly subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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