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Who is Superman? 

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I am Mayank Garg. This article marks the beginning of my DC Extended Universe (DCEU) series. In these articles, I am gonna tell you everything about the major players of DCEU. Starting off is the man who is responsible for beginning of this cinematic universe, the Man of Steel, Superman.


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Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the year 1933. He has become one of the most well-known superheroes of all time.

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Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton. His Earth name is Clark Kent which seems like a variation of his real name Kal-El. His father Jor-El sent him to earth when Krypton was at the brink of destruction. He was sent to act as a symbol of hope for humans. He didn’t want Earth to experience the same destruction as Krypton. Martha and Jonathan Kent, common farmers from Smallville, adopted him after his travel pod crashed near their barn. They helped him understand his powers and use them wisely.

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Planet Krypton

The planet which is known as the world of Superman and Supergirl and has got its name from an element Krypton.


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Superman: Powers

He has God-like powers that humans can only imagine, mainly due to his alien origins. He has the basic powers like strength and flight. In addition to these, he has impenetrable skin, X-ray vision, heat vision and freeze breath. Furthermore, in his various incarnations, his powers and abilities have seen various enhancements. Superman is one of the most overpowered heroes in the comic books. His major vulnerabilities are magic and all forms of Kryptonite.


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Major Villains

Superman is an overpowered character. Thus he has consequently had overpowered villains. While some of them can even take on the entire justice league on their own. His most noteworthy villains are:

Lex Luthor

He is the most famous villain of The Last Son of Krypton. The multi-billionaire is hell bent on ending the Kryptonian “curse” from Metropolis.

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This ruler of Apocalypse has been a major antagonist for Superman. Furthermore, he has taken on the entire the Justice League himself. He is expected to be the main antagonist of the entire DCEU.


This android with an extreme level of intellect has played with Superman’s minds for centuries.

General Zod

He was the main wrongdoer of the “Man of Steel”. A Kryptonian general who wants to take revenge on Kal-El because of his beef with the El family.


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Related Characters

There are multiple characters that Superman is closely associated with:

Lois Lane

This daring journalist is his love interest, his co-worker and sometimes even his wife.

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Jimmy Olsen

Another one of his co-workers is mostly taken as his sidekick.


Another super-powered Kryptonian is his first cousin with an interesting origin of her own.

Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman is one of the closest allies and real life friend of Clark Kent/Superman.


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Major Comic Arcs

Superman has had some memorable moments in his 84-year history. He has gone through several character-defining arcs. The especially relevant ones are:

Superman Speeding Bullets, in a classic case of “What If” this comic series asks an intriguing question. “What if Kal-El’s rocket had landed in Gotham City instead of Smallville”?

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• Must there be a Superman, this story sees Superman’s presence on Earth under question by the Guardians of Universe. Also examining the negative impact of his existence on humans.

Camelot Falls: The story points out that The Man of Tomorrow is not omnipresent. As a result, he cannot save everyone.

All Star Superman: This story arc defined the Big Blue Boy Scout as the icon and symbol of hope and belief.

Death of Superman: In this comic, the Kal-El ultimately meets his end by the hands of the Kryptonian monster, Doomsday.

Honorable Mentions

Injustice: Gods Among Us; For the Man Who Has Everything; What’s so funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way


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