Everything you need to know about this MYSTERIOUS MARVEL Character

Published by: Shlok Singh / Date: 07 July, 2016

Things You need to know about JESSICA JONES

Everything you need to know about this MYSTERIOUS MARVEL Characters

Origins from Max Comics

Jessica Jones was created by Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos. It was created to star in comic series ‘Alias’. This character was originally created for Max comics, an imprint of Marvel comics. The type of content in these books are much more unequivocal than that of its parent company.
She was born as Jessica Campbell. One day she went to a science exhibition. While going home, her car dashed into a military convoy, thereby killing her parents on-sight and she falling into a coma. That military convoy contained radioactive chemicals. Later, after waking up from the coma, she was adopted by the Jones family, hence Jessica Jones. She later discovered by she possessed some powers like super-strength (could easily lift up 2 tons of car), flying (it was mostly jumping for she never mastered it) and resistance to injuries. She wouldn’t withstand a severe beating by Iron Man and Vision. Jessica was vulnerable to telepathic attacks example can be Purple Man (Killgrave). Later, Jean Grey infused some mental barriers in Jessica’s mind to provide better resistance against telepaths.  

Jessica Jones as “ALMOST” Spider-Woman

Everything you need to know about this MYSTERIOUS MARVEL Characters

Alias ran from 2001 and 2004 giving 28 issues. Each and every issue was liked by people. Bendis was about to create Jessica Drew to turn her into Spider-Woman. But Bendis himself explained that it would spoil the story-telling and the timeline continuity of the character.

Jewel as a rising step; Killgrave as a downfall

Jessica thought of becoming a superhero by getting inspired through Spidey. She didn’t make a great superhero though. During her days as Jewel met Killgrave, also known as ‘The Purple Man’ (Netflix never used his alias name). The Purple Man used Jessica and her powers in many unpleasant ways. The purple man ordered Jessica to kill Daredevil, but she confused with the red costume of DD and that of Scarlett Witch. She then attacked her, obviously losing the fight to a strong avenger. Vision and Scarlett then relieve her off purple man’s mind control. The Avengers even offered her a place in their team, but she denied as she couldn’t forget how the purple man abused her.

Alias Investigations

Everything you need to know about this MYSTERIOUS MARVEL Characters

Jessica was very good with the investigation. She opened her own investigation agency with the name ‘Alias Investigations’. She used to work for different clients and superheroes. One of her clients was Matt Murdock, who frequently visited her for investigating in his case. Also read: “Margot Robbie or Harley Quinn”

Mommy Jessica as Reporter

While working as the investigator, she got pregnant by Luke Cage (Power Man). Luke left her and she briefly dated Scott Lang (Ant-Man). She later left Alias and was offered a job in Daily Bugle and used to work in the Superhero column, ‘The Pulse’. After J. Jonah Jameson put some idiotic comments over her article of the Avengers, she left the Bugle. One more reason was that she eventually investigated and found out that Green Goblin was none other than Norman Osborn. She, for the safety of her child left Bugle. She, then, eventually married her baby’s dad, Luke Cage.

Civil War : Super-Human Registrations Act 

When Iron Man and Ms. Marvel met the married couple, they asked them to sign the Super Human Registrations Act. They both denied and they had to live underground for a few days. Later, Cage joined Captain America in his new Avengers team. Jessica too dresses up as her last alias ‘Jewel’ only this time, switching her name according to her husband’s name, thereby, ‘Power Woman’. Later, Jessica for the safety of her kid, left for Canada for a few days as there was a threat to hers and her son’s life. By the way, her kid was named, ‘Danielle’ (Danielle Rant was Iron Fist; Luke’s Best Friend).

Marvel shifts from ABC to NETFLIX

Everything you need to know about this MYSTERIOUS MARVEL Characters

Marvel originally vouched for ABC. They developed the series by 2010 for ABC. Unfortunately, ABC passed on the series in 2012. In  December 2013, Netflix partnered up with Marvel for four new series named, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. The showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg developed Jessica Jones in a way that included the other three characters, who will culminate (team-up) in ‘The Defenders’.

Before the shift, Jones’s old friend Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) was going to appear with her in the show. But later, Rosenberg realized that the contract was for 4 characters, not 5. So, Jessica Joes was developed in a different way after shifting to Netflix and Trish ‘Patsy’ Walker was replaced with Carol in the show. This was the moment when Marvel decided to feature Carol Danvers in her own debut film, ‘Captain Marvel’ which is due in 2019.


1.The science exhibition where Jessica visited, she was actually about to ask Peter Parker out for a date but at the moment, he got bit by a radioactive spider. Spiderman gave an inspiration to Jessica where she became ‘Jewel’ and fought crime.
2.Netflix series Jessica Jones and Daredevil are connected to Marvel Cinematic Universe as the two series keep mentioning the words ‘Battle of New York’. The Battle of New York is nothing but Loki’s army of Chitauri attacking New York and the 6 Avengers fighting it. 

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