Everything You Need To Know About World Diabetes Day


World Diabetes Day

What is World Diabetes Day?

World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign of the diabetes world and is held on November 14 of each year. It was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to the alarming rise of diabetes around the world.

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World Diabetes Day: Logo


The World Diabetes Day logo is a blue circle – the global symbol for diabetes. The logo was adopted in 2007 to mark the passage of the United Nations World Diabetes Day Resolution (61/225). The significance of the blue circle symbol is overwhelmingly positive. Across cultures, the circle symbolizes life and health. The color blue reflects the sky that unites all nations and is the color of the United Nations flag. The blue circle signifies the unity of the global diabetes community in response to the diabetes pandemic.

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Why is World Diabetes Day celebrated on 14th November?

November 14th is a significant date in the diabetes calendar because it marks the birthday of the man who co-discovered Insulin, Frederick Banting. Banting discovered insulin in 1922, alongside Charles Best. World Diabetes Day is internationally recognized and is now an official United Nations Day.
The global diabetes community including International Diabetes Federation member associations, diabetes organizations, NGOs, health departments, civil society, individuals and companies develop an extensive range of activities, tailored to a variety of groups.

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Activities organized each year include

Sports events

Free screenings for diabetes and its complications

Public information meetings

Poster and leaflet campaigns

Diabetes workshops and exhibitions



Cycle Race

Political Events


World Diabetes Day: About The Day

Between 2014 and 2016, ‘Health Living and Diabetes’ is the theme of World Diabetes Day. Education and prevention is about knowing the warning signs and risks associated with diabetes, knowing who can help to manage and control diabetes and what to do if you are a sufferer.
Moreover, you’ll need to know about the different types of diabetes. Type one, type two and gestational diabetes mellitus.

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Type one is insulin-dependent, meaning that sufferers have to inject the insulin hormone into their bodies in order to produce what the body can’t. A body without insulin mean blood glucose levels are heightened, and this leads to serious organ damage.
Type two is not insulin dependent but does mean that you are likely to have high blood pressure and a decreased amount of insulin produced in the body.
Gestational diabetes sometimes occurs in pregnant women when the body is unable to produce enough insulin needed to get them through their pregnancy.

World Diabetes Day: Education

Education is particularly important as diabetes can affect all aspects of life. The disease is life-long and requires many lifestyle adjustments to be made; diet, exercise, and medication all need to be monitored and altered.
In order to make the right decisions about behavior when managing and living with diabetes, sufferers need to be correctly informed about the implications.

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Poor diabetes education results in more chance of complications and less chance of leading a healthy life.
Being aware of risk factors such as obesity, glucose intolerance, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet is important in the fight against further incidences of diabetes. Those with these risk factors also need to look out for warning signs including tiredness, weight loss, increased thirst, blurred vision and lack of concentration. Education is key to prevention.
World Diabetes Day also aims to change education worldwide so that it provides the information people need in order to live with the condition and treat it carefully.


“Diabetes: The Silent Killer Which Kills Part By Part of Our Life”

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