Expected features and Specifications of Apple’s iPhone 7 and MacBook



Opinion on Apple’s upcoming iPhone and MacBook


Apple’s upcoming event, probably in September, is the hottest topic in the Tech World. With the new iPhone and the MacBook just around the corner, everyone is losing patience.
So here in this article of SAIKISITE, I present you my opinions on the leaked specifications and other details of iPhone 7 and MacBook.

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iPhone 7


                                                                             Image Credit-apple.com
Apple is about to release the next-big-thing flagship Smartphone. In a span of few days, we have seen various rumors about iPhone 7 and other variants, the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro. From no headphone jack to the dual camera lens, various rumors are buzzing.
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Some things are inevitable, like faster CPU (probably Apple A10), better Camera, similar looks to iPhone 6S, a Retina Display with not-so-great resolution. While many rumors suggest iPhone 7 will have 3 variants, a trusted source suggested that iPhone 7 Pro isn’t real which means only iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be coming.
iPhone 7 won’t have an AMOLED Display as Apple might be saving it for iPhone 8/7s. But you should take all these rumors as a grain of salt. Whatever Apple has planned will be known to us in September during the event.

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My Opinion on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is going to be a success like every other iPhone ever but the lack of headphone jack and a high-resolution display might be a deal-breaker for many. The minimal design change from iPhone 6s could be both great and bad depending on how happy you were with the design of 6s. Also, there may be some surprise features that Apple may have planned for the iPhone 7.


                                                              Image credit-apple.com

MacBook Pro

Rumors are rife that Apple will introduce major changes in the MacBook Pro line-up. From new software to new design, Internet is exploding with the news.
One of the highly speculated features of MacBook Pro is the new OLED Control Bar, which means that Apple will now add extra functionality to the MacBook, which will allow you to customize the controls and change them according to the Application you are working on.
                                                        Image credit-martinhajek.com
Other prominent feature suggested is the addition of Touch ID. This will give it an extra layer of security and also make online transactions convenient. Apple is also speculated to ditch current USB ports for all Type-C ports. While this may make the MacBook a lot thinner and sexy but will cause a lot of inconvenience as Type-C isn’t yet available in major devices. However, adaptors will solve the problem.
Apple may also introduce High-Resolution displays like 5K in Pro variant but it’s highly unlikely as the current Resolution is already enough for most people.

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MacBook Air


                                                                      Image credit-apple.com
The upcoming MacBook Air rumors could turn out to be a major disappointment as Apple may skip Air this fall and launch it next year, which is still better than rumors suggesting that Air line-up will be discontinued forever.
However, if the MacBook Air gets updated, it’ll get Intel 6th Generation Skylake CPU, 8 GB RAM and no dedicated graphics as usual. There might not be any standard USB port, all of them could be USB Type-C to make the notebook thinner, which is Apple’s top priority. If the display gets updated it’ll boost the sales of the MacBook Air this year, as the major drawback for MacBook Air was its Non-Retina Display.


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My opinion on MacBooks (2016)

Apple is known for setting high standards and giving tough competition to its competitors with MacBook. As the new MacBook Pro is expected to have such great features and new design, it’s going to be a great success. However, if MacBook Air does not get any update, it will lead to disappointment to a lot of Apple fans eagerly waiting for buying the Air as it is Apple’s cheapest MacBook offering.
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