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Clad in a long black coat, a trusty warm scarf, with a funny detective hat paired with his mysterious aura and perfect cheekbones, Sherlock Holmes’ character in BBC drama Sherlock is one that will amaze you. Watching him solve crimes using the science of deduction, going into the mind palace or simply condescend the thoughts of his friend and flatmate Dr.John Watson are a few of the many tactics of Sherlock every avid fan is in awe of!

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Famous Lines and Quotes of Sherlock


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So, folks in this article on SAIKISITE, I bring to you the best of Sherlock! His most famous lines that will always be remembered as classic Sherlock.

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Line 1

 1. “Once you’ve ruled out the impossible,whatever remains, however, improbable must be the Truth.”

Season 2: episode 2- “The hounds of Baskerville” 

One of the most meaningful lines and also said by Spock in the Star Trek series, Sherlock tells this to Dr.John Watson while evidently scared and shocked about a gigantic hound he had seen, which John refused to accept.

Line 2

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2. “Anderson,don’t talk out loud.You lower the IQ of the whole street”.

Season 1: episode 1- “A study in pink”

While solving a murder mystery, he obviously finds the password to the account of the victim, when another detective inspector Anderson comments on it being a futile attempt, Sherlock says this to shut him up,very literally.

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Line 3

3. “I am not a psychopath Anderson,I am a high-functioning sociopath.Do your research”.

Season 1: episode 1- “A study in pink”

Sherlock’s indifference to human emotions is well known, however, when Anderson calls him a psychopath, he is quick to retort and again condescends Anderson.

Line 4


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4. “Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side”.

Season 2: episode 1- “A scandal in Belgravia” 

When he cracks the password of Irene Adler’s phone, who was obviously smitten by him,and made the mistake of using his name as a password, Sherlock tells her that her emotions were the cause of her losing what she wanted.

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Line 5

5. “I’ve always assumed that love is a dangerous disadvantage.Thank you for the final proof”.

Season 2: episode 1- “A scandal in Belgravia” 


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Continuing his conversation with Ms. Adler, the great detective, and a self-confessed sociopath justifies his thoughts on love and emotions as she had  come so close to walking out leaving the British Government in a difficult situation, however, she let her heart rule her head. 

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Hoping all Sherlock fans were reminded of this epic character and others who haven’t yet watched it will be compelled to tune into this show now! Signing off for now. Don’t forget to add your favourite quotes and moments in the comment box. Keep reading SAIKISITE.