Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions asked about www.saikisite.com. Saikiste frequently asked questions.


SAIKISITE is a community of learners, aficionados and readers. It is a blog for all the young bloggers who want to share their knowledge and want to learn.

What does the name SAIKISITE mean?

The word SAIKISITE means SAI+KI+SITE that means SAI BABA’s (Indian spiritual Master) website.

When did it start?

SAIKISITE was established on 24th June 2016.
What are the different categories that you have?
SAIKISITE mainly has 10 different categories. These categories are Blogging, SEO, Make Money Online,  Web Technology, Sports, Facts, HowTo, Entertainment, Science and Technology and Gadgets.

Who all are behind SAIKISITE?

The two founders of this blog are Shantanu Giri and Vishal Kumar Jaiswal.
How can we be a part of SAIKISITE?
You can be a part of SAIKISITE by two ways:
* Write for us: Be a part of SAIKISITE by writing a post on SAIKISITE. Publish your post and get your own readers and followers .
* SAIKISITE Team: You can also be a part of SAIKISITE by being in its team. This may  include many different works related to management, editing, writing, marketing etc.. For this contact us by clicking here.

How often do you post an article on SAIKISITE?

We make sure that we post at least 1-2 articles every day for our readers.

Which hosting service do you use?

SAIKISITE is a WordPress blog and it is hosted by the Bluehost hosting service.

Is it a Multi-blogger Blog or a personal Blog?

Anyone can write and publish on any topic for SAIKISITE. It is a knowledge and experience sharing platform and gives the chance to all the budding writers to publish their articles.

How can I contact SAIKISITE?

You can contact us by either calling us on +91-9810812857/ +91-8181000832 or by emailing us at info@saikisite.com/ support@saikisite.com .