Fruits Combinations You Do Not Want To Mix To Stay Healthy


Fruits Combinations that you must avoid

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We are all very much fond of fruits. Along with the good taste, they are also very good for our health. Having any fruit a day is very good for an individual’s health. Here in this article at SAIKISITE, I am going to tell you all about 8 fruit combinations that you should never mix. Check them out.

1. Banana and pudding:


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This combo creates stomach heaviness in adults, slowing down the mind due to the increase the production of toxins. In the case of infants, it may be fatal. Should not be given to toddlers.

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2. Orange and carrot:

It can cause damage to the renal system, excess bile reflux and heartburn. These may lead to more serious illness.

3. Pineapple and milk:


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It is the combination which has the presence of bromelain. It causes the human body to become intoxicated, leading to stomach gas, nausea, headache, and stomach pain. It may also lead to infections and diarrhea.

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4. Papaya and lemon:

This is a combination which can cause anemia and problems with hemoglobin and should not be given to children at any cost.

5. Guava and banana:


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This combination can cause gas and acidosis, hence the person will start feeling nauseous as well as heaviness, will experience a headache, and stomach ache.

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6. Vegetables and fruits:

We all are aware of the fact that fruits contain more sugar hence while digesting the food, vegetables are not digested properly. They stay in the stomach while the fruit ferments and produces toxins.

7. Orange and milk:


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The acid in orange would destroy the enzymes which help in digesting the starch present in your cereal which you take with milk. IT can also curdle the milk causing it to become a mucus forming substance in the body which is unhealthy especially for a child.

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8. Pomegranates with apricots:

This combination may cause severe gastric problems. Due to the high sugar presence in them, it has a negative effect on the enzymes which digest the food cause the digestion process to slow down.


So these are few fruits combinations that you must avoid in order to stay fit and healthy. Comment below if you have any suggestion. Keep reading SAIKISITE.

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