Google Pixel Phone Review, Specification, Features, Price and Facts


Google Pixel: General Overview

There has been a lot of android phones in the market by different manufacturers but never a phone by Google itself although it is providing software for many years.


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But now Google has presented “Google Pixel – the phone” and since now, both the software and the hardware are presented by Google, it can be given the title as the best Android phone ever.

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Now, what does this line means?, “A phone by Google”. Well, it conveys that what Google wants when it makes hardware as well as a phone which is very simple, though.

About Google Pixel

Google Pixel is one of the best phones in the world right now. There are many expectations from this phone by the company Google. Let us look at some of the key features of the Google Pixel phone by looking at its hardware, software, build, looks, etc..


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Build and Looks

Google Pixel comes in two sizes 5.0 and 5.5 inches. There is also a fingerprint sensor at the back and it is very comfortable to use. It has only 1 speaker and that is enough because it’s really loud, a USB-C type port and of course, a HEADPHONE JACK at the top of the phone. It is a very simple phone in build and looks but at the same time very much similar to iPhone in terms of curves and body shape.

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Since Google now can control both the hardware and the software it can optimize a bunch of stuff like battery life and the life is amazing already, but the worst part is we have to pay a huge amount for it too. The 5″ display has pricing rates as $649 -32 gigs variant and $749 – 128 gigs and the 5.5″ has rate $749 – 32 gigs and $869 – 128 gigs.

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It has to be a top tier phone, thus featuring a powerful Snapdragon 821 processor , 4 gigs of RAM and the storage has two options 32 gigs of version or 128 gigs of version. The screen looks very brilliant and lovely and is an OLED which looks stupendous while using the phone or is idle. It is very much faster and way more responsive than any other Android phone presently in the markets.

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The Google Pixel features a 12 MP camera at the back which is claimed to be the “best camera ever put into a phone” by Google. We can not comment whether it is “the best” or not but the camera is really good. Though it doesn’t feature an image stabilization, the pics can be blurry while clicking with shaky hands. It features a laser focus camera and is really fast and clicks amazing shots in low light too. 

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The video camera has electronic stabilization cause it’s tied to phone gyroscope, so if you are moving while recording, the shakiness won’t effect at all and the best part is that everything you shoot or click in pixel stores in a cloud for free, forever.


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The User interface is very much different than any other stock Android phones in the market though Pixel too features pure Android. The home screen icons are circular which makes your screen look elegant and looks pretty.

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There is not much to say about software as it will possess latest android version cause it’s a phone by android. It is not very much customized and the overall usage is kept very simple.

The Google Assistant too works very well with whole new and amazing features and is very much similar to Siri of iPhone. It’s just like chatting to someone as I have discussed in the Google’s messaging app ALLO. But like any other AI of any phone, it is sometimes DUMB too!

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Google Pixel: Price

This phone by Google is of around Rs. 57,000/- (32 GB) and of around Rs. 66,000/- (128 GB).

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Good hardware and amazing software feels great and well, the best android phone. So if you have the MONEY in your pocket and you are looking for a good Android experience with the very best compatible hardware then this thing- the “Google Pixel” is obvious to go for. It’s a good start by Google in its phone segment and it’s already fighting hard in the market with tough competitors like the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Edge 7. Both Apple and Google are going toe to toe in their own hardware software featured phone fight.

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