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Yahoo Hack Warning
Recently Yahoo has warned its users that some cyber-attackers might have conceded their accounts in the last two years. It has sent alert emails to its users about this malicious activity which is supposedly known about from some time. The alert mail sent to the affected customers states that without writing the passwords some hackers might have been successful in accessing the accounts.

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tIn the year 2015 and 2016, the hackers have stolen the yahoo source code to create cookies, which provided them access to log in the users account without any password request. According to its chief Bob lord, he clearly states in its mail that, their forensics experts are investigating into the forged cookies issue that gave permission to the hackers to intrude in the users account without asking for the password. The company also expect that forged cookie might have been used in the year 2015 and 2016 to hack accounts.

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Yahoo believes that the unapproved third party might have accessed the proprietary code to understand the way to forget the cookies. The foreign experts have classified the hacked accounts in which the forged cookies were used. The company has connected this situation with the same sponsored state actor who was held responsible for hacking on September 22, 2016.

Last year in the month of September around 500 million user accounts has been filched by hackers as confirmed by Yahoo. After three months of this episode, it confessed that in the year 2013 also due to the network breach, one billion user account’s credentials were exposed.

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The Yahoo security issues and incidents related to it have been the focus of the censure by outside security experts.
Malware Intelligence expert at Malwarebytes, Chris Boyd, stated that it is obvious for Yahoo users to feel Incident fatigue as there have been continuous episodes of forging or hacking in the recent past. Users can go confused on not updating account or taken steps on time to secure their account.

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Yahoo is sending alert messages to the users for completing the two-step verification to secure their account passwords but this is not a full proof solution to secure their user accounts, as per the forensic experts.

Chief executive and co-founder of data security company Egress, Tony Pepper stated in his statement that in past few years Yahoo has been under a continuous threat and present incidents raised concerns on the state of data security. He also said that it is a serious matter that hackers accessed the user’s accounts without passwords. Passwords are supposed to protect the data and privacy of user account but now it has raised the question of its reliability.

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Andy Norton, EMEA risk expert at endpoint protection company SentinelOne also stated that after the announcement by Yahoo that the hackers might have got the access to the proprietary code which gave them access to the user accounts to forge cookies, will now show new methods to the hackers, apart from stealing user databases, to gain access to Yahoo accounts.

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