How Pokemon Go has impacted my life?



Pokemon Go: Gotta Catch ’em All !

It’s  5 ‘o clock in the morning, my alarm rings, I rush to the washroom, get ready, put on my sneakers and off I am to walk through the college campus . No, you probably got it wrong, I’m not on a strict exercise regime neither am I trying to lose weight (which I probably should, a little), It’s time to catch the Pokemons.

Hey, folks!

Yes, you are right, It’s time for Pokemon Go. Here in this article on SAIKISITE, I am going to share my experience with this awesome game app.

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Pokemon Go


Developed by Niantic, in about a month of its release Pokemon Go has created a buzz ,that evidently is here to stay. Throughout the globe, people from all walks of life are ecstatically getting involved in this ”augmented location-based reality” game to create their own avatars and  train adorable little monsters.

Pokemon Go in my College Campus


During my walk through my college campus, my first stop is the main college gate. Luckily enough, it is a “Pokestop”. Here, I gain Pokeballs and other items that will increase my chances to catch a Pokemon. Walking through the campus, on different instances, I find a Bulbasaur sitting near the football field ,a Jigglypuff following me and a Charmander sitting on my friends shoulder and while I’m frantically throwing the Pokeballs (and wasting quite a few of them ) to catch the Charmander,  I’m excited to find a gym nearby (again I’m not on an exercise regime). So, “A gym” in “Pokemon Go” is basically the environment where I and other trainers can have fights between our Pokemons. Unfortunately, I (my Pokemons, of course) need to polish our skills first, since we’ve lost all of the fights till date. It has been some time now and I realize I’m done for the day(need to go to the college too ) when I find that I’ve walked 2 km and its time for an egg to hatch. Last Wednesday, my hatched egg gave a Pikachu, the Pokemon I had been waiting for, quite obviously. Undoubtedly, it was the highlight of the day.

Everyone should play Pokemon Go


To all my readers who haven’t yet played the game, the  above lines would seem nothing less than an adventure and those who already have, this might have been a reminiscence of our virtual life as a Pokemon trainer.
Amidst all the buzz created by the game and the elation following the release of the game ,it has been criticized for being devoid of polish and having a few inconsistencies .While it is something the developers should work on , Pokemon Go has changed the mundane way of playing games glued to our smartphones .It has given us a healthier way of playing virtual games. It gives me and so many others  a reason to actually overcome our laziness and start walking.

The  highlight of the game for me, however ,is the strong sense of nostalgia it evokes. It reminds me of all those afternoons when I came back from school and sat in front of the television all excited to see Ash’s (a Pokemon trainer in the cartoon series “Pokemon”) adventures with Pikachu by his side. It reminds me of all the enthusiasm I had to collect Pokemon cards and spend all the vacation nights playing with my cousins and exchanging those cards.

So thank you Pokemon Go for making me healthier, for adding a little excitement in my absolutely mundane life and reminding  me how awesome our childhood was.
This game has created a sensation throughout the world, so folks find a little time from your school work, college assignments or job routine and become a part of this.
Signing off for this week with a request to experience this game and reiterate what the game tells each time you load it:
“Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.”
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  1. This is very relatable, this game is hella addicting. I try to lay off my phone for a while just so I don’t forget to socialize lol.