How to build a budget gaming Computer (PC) ?

Make gaming computer (PC) at cheap of cost
Not everyone can afford a high-end PC because all PC parts aren’t cheap. So, the best option is to build a Gaming PC with a perfect balance between components in your budget to maximise performance.
Here in this article of SAIKISITE, I will try to make this simple. From super performance to great aesthetics, a Gaming PC is everything. So, let’s begin.

What are the components:

The heart of a Gaming PC includes three parts:
CPU (Central Processing Unit)
Graphics card or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
RAM (Random Access Memory).
Though Hard Drive also plays an important role but does not massively affect performance, Similar for other hardware. A perfect balance between them will give you best results or Maximum FPS.
To give a brief idea of priority order for best results, you should spend most bucks on GPU, then CPU and lastly RAM.

Graphics Card:

In a world where Graphics Cards are getting powerful and cheaper day by day, it’s easy to find bang-for-buck GPU. Without going geeky and explaining what is a GPU and how does it work?, I would like to tell you that it is the most important part your Gaming System. So, never compromise here!

Some great GPUs for budget are:

GTX 750/750 Ti
GTX 950/960
RX 470/480
GTX 1060(It does not certainly qualify for budget but it’s worth mentioning because it provides the best value for money)
If you can’t afford any of these, go for r7 260x/GT 740, but do not drop any further, because dropping further may save you a little money but you will be deprived of all of the performance which will be next to useless.

Central Processing Unit(CPU):

CPU is called  the brain of the computer and it deserves to be called so. For Gaming, CPU serves major processing of games. So, you should get a Quad Core CPU. It won’t bottleneck any latest Game.

Some recommended CPUs are: 


AMD FX 6300
Intel i5 6600k
Intel i3 6100


RAM is the easiest to choose. Just find a RAM compatible with your CPU and Motherboard.
8 GB RAM is good enough for Latest Games, while I would recommend 16 GB for future, higher than that would be overkill. Get a DDR3 or DDR4 depending on your CPU.
Buy a Kingston HyperX Fury 8 GB DDR3 1866mhz or Corsair Vengeance 8 GB 2400mhz DDR4. Both of them are similarly priced (35-45 USD or 3000 INR).

Other Components:

There are many other components as well which are also very important for a Gaming PC. I’ve discussed few of the important components which will be in a budget. So, let’s look at some them



It houses your CPU, RAM, CPU and connects to everything present in your system. When you are on a budget you would like to compromise on Motherboard and that’s all fine.

Power Supply Unit

As the name suggests it supplies Power to all the components of the PC. Never buy a cheap Power Supply as it may damage your components or cause an explosion. The best news is that good PSUs aren’t expensive. In a budget of 100 USD or 6000INR, you can buy a great PSU.


Cabinet houses all of the components of your PC. Moreover, it provides all the aesthetics to your build. Get a decent looking Cabinet with cable-management, if possible.

Hard Drives and SSD

Get any 1TB Hard Drive 7200rpm and add an SSD to boost loading times of your Operating system and Games.
So, if you are into gaming and you want a good gaming PC within your budget then just follow the above-mentioned steps and start your gaming. If you want to add anything else or if you want to share something then please comment below in the box. Keep reading SAIKISITE.
Thank You !