How to get more Followers on Instagram?


Ways to get more followers on Instagram?

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Who doesn’t want to have a great number of followers on Instagram? Stats revealed that there were around 500 million active users on Instagram for the month of June 2016. Instagram is probably the best application in the world to share our pictures and save them for memories. There are many different filters available on the Instagram that make our pictures better. There is always a competition among friends on the number of followers on Instagram.
You can even earn through Instagram and there are many people who are earning a good amount of money through Instagram but for everything you need followers. Having a good amount of followers on Instagram can be very fruitful for you.
So here in this article on SAIKISITE, I’m going to share with you all some steps through which you can  increase your number of followers on Instagram. You just follow these steps and I am sure that you will have lots of followers on Instagram.

So let’s look at the ways to increase your Instagram followers:


1. How to get more followers on Instagram?: Hashtags


Hashtags play a very important role in increasing the number of followers on Instagram. You should use some of those hashtags that are mainly trending or popular on Instagram. There are many hashtags that can be used in almost every picture and they are trending hashtags as well like #instamood, #instagood, #like4like or #selfie etc.. You should use those hashtags that are relevant to your picture. You can even create a special hashtag for any of your campaigns.

2. How to get more followers on Instagram?: Posting Time

There are many companies who do a research on social media traffic engagement or digital media and technology. According to one of them, posting any picture on Instagram in the mid-week (like on Wednesday) will give your more likes or followers on Instagram. You can click here to read more about it.
There is also one study that shows that posting your picture on Sundays or weekends is also good for having great followers because there are generally less number of posts on those days. Click here to read more about it.
When it comes to the timing then posting your picture around 2am or 5pm can get a good engagement on your posts. Click here to read more.

3. How to get more followers on Instagram?: Tags and Comments

If you’re using “Comment below” or “Let me know what you think?” kind of texts with your pictures, then this will involve more people on your posts and can increase the number of followers. Also, comment on your friend’s picture and use hashtags in your comments.
You should tag famous personalities or any famous account name on your picture to spread it across the Instagram and to get more followers. You can also use geotagging so that people of your region can see your picture when you are posting it. This will get you more followers. Don’t forget to tag people in your picture who are part of your picture to get their share and likes and this will trend your picture.

4. How to get more followers on Instagram? : Filters


The use of different filters before posting any picture on the Instagram also gives you more followers on Instagram. There are some of the filters that give you more like and share on your picture as compared to other filters. These filters are Juno, Mayfair, Lark etc.. Use these filters more as compared to the rest to get more followers on Instagram.
There is a study that tells that if you’ll use the color blue more in your pictures on Instagram then you’ll get way more likes than any other color. Click here to read more about it.
Interestingly, there is also a study that says that if you are not using any filter on your picture then you can get most engagement on your pictures. Click here to read about it.

5. How to get more followers on Instagram? : Your Activities on Instagram

Your activity on this fantastic application is very important in getting followers on Instagram. You should like more and more pictures of famous people or of the person having a great number of followers. So, like any random picture. This will help in getting people to know about your account.
You should use more and more edges in your pictures because that gets you more engagement or use more structures in your pictures.
Follow as many people as you can because that is the basic way of getting more followers as many people follow you back. Follow all your friends on Instagram.
Post pictures containing inspirational quotes and messages because they trend a lot on Instagram and people get more followers by doing this.
Post pictures having faces because a post with faces gets more likes and engagement than without faces.

6. How to get more followers on Instagram?: Social Networking Platforms


Link your Instagram account with your other social networking  platforms especially Facebook. This way you can share your picture on Facebook very quickly and if people will like that picture then you’ll get more followers.
Merge your contact list with your Instagram account and follow your contacts to be followed back.
You should promote the name of your Instagram account everywhere on the Internet or on your cards and email subscribers to get more followers

7. How to get more followers on Instagram?: Using other Applications

There are many applications as well to get engagements on your Instagram picture or profile. You can even use them.

Some of the Applications are:

 Magic Liker for Instagram: to get more likes on your pictures by spending coins.
 Iconosquare: to track the growth of your Instagram account.
• Aviary: to edit your pictures.
• Canva: to design your picture or quotes.
So, these are some amazing techniques and ways to get more Followers on Instagram. If you want to add something else or if you have anything to share then comment below in the comment box. Keep reading SAIKISITE for more awesome blogs.
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