How to make the best out of your college life ? (Motivational Article)


College Life

Hello, people !

Before you read this, I would like to clear that I do not work in a college nor have I attended college to be talking like an expert it’s just that I have finally realized that with time things fall into perspective. People begin to see the same things in a different light.
So now here in this article of SAIKISITE, I will tell you how to survive the college life and how to make the most of it especially if you live in a hostel you would need the following tips to make the most of what would seem endless swim across the ocean of length of four years and a depth unknown to many.


Many people have this question lingering in the corner of their minds’ that now that I have finally come to college I can relax, right? “What should I do ?” or “How is he even scoring that much? He is always loitering around” . It is time to open up the Pandora box and discover the true secrets. It’s not always about who studies the most, some other factors also play an important role in getting you a good placement. Starting with :

Interact with the teachers:

The teachers teaching you now are going to play a bigger part in your marks for the entire year or even the whole time you study there. So, never ever hesitate to raise your doubts on the first or think that anyone will think inferior of you because let’s be honest, everyone is at the same level as you. That’s why you are in the same class. So try being more outspoken (extrovert) even when you are wrong because at the end of the day you had been your best to have any regrets about your decisions that day.

Do not hesitate to be you: 5

In other words, do not hesitate to do what you would have done if others were not there. If a teacher asks you to come up and introduce yourself to the whole class, maybe you want to ask a doubt, or you desire to stand out in a crowd and do something only a few did, do not let your two minutes “Sharmilaapan” (Shyness) to overtake you in those few seconds. Lastly, when you have a hard time deciding what you should do and what should ideally be done, just think about two scenarios, one where you let your hesitation take over and you do not give yourself a chance to shine or the other one where you leave everything aside and follow your aim, desire, conscience, whichever works for you guys.

Socialize: 9

Many people, I have noticed, stay away from groups or do not talk to other classmates, stay in themselves. This might actually work in school days but not so much in college. You can’t just be with you the whole life. The more you socialize, the more you will be aware of what is going on in the college, in the campus. Moreover, these people will help you at times of need when you couldn’t attend the classes or missed something . After all, it doesn’t hurt to be a little popular right?

Be what you always wanted to be:


Firstly this is not about being the Gangsta’ or the roadside Romeo, but the person you have always admired. Or adopting the qualities you always have admired in others, for example, I was never a girl to go out and approach the chief guest in an orientation to seek guidance. But then I realized that if I take those six steps now and ask him I would not be left to drown in self-pity that I could not get myself to do JUST DO IT! But also I would spend each minute of my free time wondering what would have happened if I had. So my dear readers, step out of your comfort zone and fight off the fear of what the world thinks.
Finally, I think college is altogether another world which really enlightens you and leads you towards success , talents hidden beneath you, interests you did not know exists, and above all finding yourself, your capabilities, the true you. That is what it is all about.

Hope this will help you.

If you have anything to add or share then please comment below in the box. Keep reading SAIKISITE. There is a lot more to come.
Thank You !


  1. Great and fantastic advise given in simplistic style. Definitely inspirational to the freshers of college life.
    Looking forward for more such articles. Keep it up

  2. Fabulous… has to just follow all these….The way and style you write….brought smile to my face…and the topic you selected… awesome….

  3. Dear Priyanka, Very articulately written, the way you split your thoughts and ideas, presenting it in easy and structured manner, the confidence displayed , kudos to you! However you are promoting extrovert-ness as the only good quality. Study introvert-ness too. Both are good qualities – and will match to your ‘philosophy’ of ” Do not hesitate to be you ”

    You can survive college with any of these two qualities.

  4. Sekhar mama … Hmmm yes you are right. Will take care next time . Thank you very much . ????????

    Chhavi aunty , thank you very much. ☺️☺️

  5. Priyanka Murthy! You really express what quite some students do it when they join in students’ college hostel. I recollect my memories when I joined in hostel of Govt. College of Engineering during July 1955 (way back 60 + years). It was thrilling and a new experience. Students from different families’ habits attitudes and talents have joined. The food tastes are different as they come from all districts of Andhra Pradesh and from different casts and religions. Few people (including myself) used to suggest how to prepare commonly compromising food. But many are from Godavai, Krishna and Rayalaseema districts, they want more chillies. Few people always criticize however the tasty the food may be.
    Late Mada Venkateswara Rao a noted and well known Telugu cine comedian Actor ( who acted in more than300 films, famous in a short role in Muthyala Muggu) used to entertain us with his high dramatic and mimicry skills.
    After few days each one came to know their definitive skills, tastes ambitions and style of doing.
    As you know I excelled in Mathematics. Even our lecturers having doubts or some unsolved problems used to ask me for solutions.
    When there are assignments of mathematical working [like, applied mechanics, thermodynamic, theory of engines electrical engg. etc.] they used to copy from my finished assignments. As you know my hand witting is poor and there were students whose hand writing is like a printed one. Once the lecturer gave me 6.5 / 10 and wrote a remark “copied”; while others got 9 / 10. Immediately I went to him and said that I have not copied and they were done by me. He asked certain questions and sent word to some active student and came to all the truth. He then gave me 9.5 / 10, also came to know my mathematical talents.
    So many memories, I shall let you know as and when I recollect.
    Your article is well thought of one and will certainly act as guide to your colleagues for better human relations in your hostel.

    • Thank you thathagaru !! Yes you are right onelearns to become more independent and it definitely exposes one to the teal world !!!
      Thank you very much keep reading saikisite for more articles like these !!