How to Make Money from Blog?


Learn to earn money from blog

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Money. It is something for which a majority of people do blogging. Having your own blog and sharing your posts over the internet is somewhere or the other connected with money. Most of the people who are into blogging, they are mainly because they are passionate about it and they love to blog. So, how cool it would be if you start earning for your passion? You must monetize your passion.
WordPress is the world’s most famous platform for blogging. If you are really serious for blogging and if you really want to have your own professional blog then you should start your blog with WordPress only. WordPress is of two types:
They both are very different from each other. is free but the is not because that requires a self-hosted platform and so you have to pay for your own server. also has many limitations but has many useful features. If you really want to use and want to have a self-hosted platform then you need to have a good technical knowledge.
There are many different ways to make money online. You can read about different ways of making money online by clicking here.

Making money on blog

Here, in this article of SAIKISITE, you’ll be reading about different ways of making money on your blog.

So, let’s look at the ways to make money on your blog :

1. Making money on blog through Affiliate Marketing

One of the best and the popular ways to make money online through your blog website is Affiliate Marketing. You can make a great amount of money using the Affiliate marketing and that too in a short period of time.

What happens in Affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing system, you are paid the commission as an affiliate for every product that the user is buying using your affiliate links. You’ll act as an affiliate and you’ll be promoting a product or service of any particular brand. The amount that you’ll be getting is fixed for some brands and for some brands it depends on different parameters. There are many brands who are into the affiliate marketing business and you can have their affiliate links. Amazon offers one of the best affiliate marketing programs because it is a reputed and legitimate site.

Affiliate marketing for blog

If you want to use Affiliate marketing program for your blog then you need to take care of certain things. You cannot use any non-legit marketing programs such as the pornography, gambling, etc.. You must have a legitimate and authentic marketing program. You can use the affiliate links anywhere on your blog. You can also insert it in between your article as the Hyperlink.
Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money through your WordPress blog.

2. Making Mony on blog through WordAds

This method of making money using your blog is the most famous one. It is the advertising solution for the blogs. Personally, I feel that, if you have a blog then you must use WordAds because that would be the best way to earn money through a blog which is a free blog. Since is a free blog and they will be providing you the hosting then they will be definitely showing the WordAds to cover the cost of the hosting, so it’s better to apply for that to earn money. You can click here to apply for the Word Ads. You just need to be logged in for this.

Other Features of Word Ads.

WordAds does not work on ‘pay per click’ basis. it pays you for the impression. You can check your earning by just going to the Settings > WordAds. The more monthly traffic you’ll get on your blog, the more you’ll be earning through WordAds. Your earning also depends on the topic (niche) of your blog. Your chances of earning more using the WordAds increases if you’re getting more traffic from the USA or the Europe.
One more important thing about WordAds is that you’ll be paid only if you have earned a minimum amount of $100. So, you also need to have patience. Use the PayPal to get the earning.

3. Making Money on blog through Sponsored Posts

There are many brands that pay you if you publish a sponsored post for them. There are two ways to earn through that:
1. You need to get in contact with the brand or the advertisers who can sponsor a blog post on your blog website.
2. You can provide an advertisement page on your blog saying that your blog accepts sponsored posts.
If you get a good traffic on your blog and you’re creating quality contents then definitely you’ll be getting advertisers who’ll be sponsoring a blog post on your blog.

Some important information

The doesn’t allow the Adsense on your Blog. If you want to read more about the Google Adsense and how to get it? then click here.
The rules and guidelines regarding the restrictions on the Adsense on the blog by the WordPress officials are strict and if you try to violate it then WordPress may suspend your blog. The only condition on which you can use the Adsense on your blog is that you need to be an enterprise VIP users of


At the end, I would say that if  really want to explore the world of blogging and want to have many features or plug-ins for your blog  then you must shift from blog to the self -hosted blog of The also allows you to have the Adsense and some other ways of earning money. 
Also, earning money through your blog requires a lot of hard work and patience. You must be determined and always work hard in giving quality content to your readers.
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