How to remove censorship or access blocked websites on the Internet ?


Internet Censorship and how to remove it?

Disclaimer: This article does not, in any way, deem to legitimize certain steps that may be illegal under applicable law and organization policies in different parts of the world. All Published for educational purpose only.
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My name is Gurjyot Singh and this is my first post on SAIKISITE. In this post, I want to tell you all about the ways to remove the Internet censorship and how even the sites that have been blocked by the government can be accessed, but again I would say that this is article, not at all deem to legitimize illegal steps.
Internet censorship is defined as the control, filtration & restriction on access to information on World Wide Web.
All of us have experienced censorship on the Internet in varied formats at different points in our life. Authorities ,companies, organizations or government blocks certain websites and contents on the ground of “Moral”, “Bandwidth purpose”, “Time & resources”, “Unusual events” , etc. which ultimately leads us to a page with “Access Denied” written on it (Which obviously is the most disappointing thing).

Lets see, how to fight against it. Best tools for this purpose are:


1. Ultra Surf

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It is one of my favorite anti-censorship and anti-blocking software and the best part of it is, it is available for free & is just more than 1 MB in size and requires no installation.
You can download it from
It was originally created by the Ultrareach Internet Corporation to help internet users in china to bypass filtering and censorship by the government. However, now, Ultrasurf is amongst the most popular unblocking tool available on the internet.

2. Freegate

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It is a software primarily designed to help people who live in countries where government censors the internet quite tightly. This was developed by a group “Dynamic Internet Technology”.
It can be downloaded from
Freegate after installation will open a secure internet explorer that can be used to access blocked websites absolutely anonymously, safely & securely.

3. Dyna Web

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If everything else fails, then you can rely on DynaWeb to come to your rescue and allow you to access blocked websites.
It has one of the largest proxy collections in the world that allows users to bypass firewalls, censorship, and other restrictions.
You can always visit to access Dynaweb.

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So these are some of the ways to remove the blocked websites on the Internet. This article is just for the educational purpose. Comment below your questions or suggestions. They are always welcomed. Keep reading SAIKISITE for more awesome articles and also follow me on this link Gurjyot Singh.
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