Is Pakistan Govt the reason behind excessive hate for people of Pakistan?


Are the people of Pakistan overhated?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Pakistan”? For most of the Indians, it will be Terrorism. Now let me ask you a question. Did Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai too came as an output in your multiprocessor mind?
Maybe it’s just the human tendency to neglect every positive aspect of anything and everything that we come across. And Pakistan is the name which we are taught to hate just as we enter this world.          

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Pakistan Issue: Personal Experience



Except few, the majority of people in India share the same mindset about our neighboring nation. I too was among this majority until the day I met this 15-year-old Pakistani girl who I swear was just another human like us. Between eyes and ears, I trust the former one. That one small chat made both of us realize that a single boundary can’t define people. We discussed and discussed. It was about politics, cricket, Bollywood, food, environment and culture. No. It wasn’t any different. Two different individuals of this planet discussing the normal issues and matters of this planet. No conflicts, no knives, no bombardments.

That day I later pondered over it and realized that everything is in mind. The way we take things, they appear accordingly.

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Pakistan Issue: Religion



For some, religion defines people while for others the vice versa. All the five fingers of a hand can’t be equal. Right? Then why do we always generalize people under the name of religion, caste or color? Don’t you agree that songs of Atif Aslam bring a smile to your face? Or the threat to Pakistani actors by MNS leaders looks unjustified to you too?

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Pakistan Issue:Terrorism


Now here everybody needs to give a serious thought. Terrorist deserves all the hatred and so the people who support them. But having the wrong governance and leaders isn’t one’s fault. The kids who died in spree killing and shooting in Army Public School were also Pakistani and so were their parents. Do you really think that they will still support terrorism? The world is full of mix people and so is a country. As much as the world is affected by terrorism, Pakistanis are suffering even more.          

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Pakistan Issue: Conclusion                  


The same Lahore which you consider as enemy’s fort is the same place where India’s ancestral pride Bhagat Singh “haste-haste shaheed ho gye” (martyred with a smile on his face). Communalism won over humanity that time  just because of complicated politics and self-interest of leaders. Nothing can be altered now. But at least now we can convert that hatred into love. I know those scars and wounds are deep. But they are on both sides. Both sides have suffered equally. Instead of rubbing salt to each other’s wound if we start afresh it will benefit both the nations in stabilizing peace and saving those lives getting martyred on the border. And you can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

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  1. People in india dont hate pakistani people but they hate their government, they operate in a hideous way just that