Is the use of torrent sites in India a criminal offence?



Ban on Torrent

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These days, one of the most trending questions is ‘IS TORRENTING A CRIMINAL OFFENCE?’
We all use torrent websites to download games or HD quality movies. Torrent is like a warehouse of almost everything. I also love to use torrent.
But it’s very sad when we listen to the news that the government has put the ban on such websites (all torrent sites).
Few days before, these sites were banned due to the piracy of movies. Movies were being circulated over the internet before they were even released. Movies like Kung Fu Panda 3 and Kabali became viral before they were even released. The government was unable to find the  source of the leak. So, the government, on June 23rd, blocked all these sites. This judgment was passed by Justice V Kameshwar Rao of the Delhi High Court on the basis of the Copyright Act, 1957.

Indian Copyright Act, 1957


But visiting a blocked site is not illegal even under the Indian Copyright Act, 1957 or the Information Technology Act, 2000.
However, it will not allow you to use the site but you can check why the site has been blocked?  Because people have the right to see or ask why the site has been blocked under the Right to Information Act.

3 years imprisonment


However, later on, these sites were found active using alternate links. Then it was in the news that the government has announced a 3 years trial for those who will try to use torrent sites, but I haven’t found any law proposed for any such kind of trials.
I have gathered information from many sources but some of them say that “there is a 3 year trial for those who try to use torrent along with the fine of Rs. 3 lakhs” but some of them say that there is no trial for using torrent. Neither internet nor the news is giving proper information about it.
I will suggest you guys not to use torrent sites for a while until we get any authentic information because it’s better to stay at home instead spending 3 years in prison.
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