Know Simple Magic Tricks Using Your Household Items


5 Magic Tricks that you can perform using Household Items

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Magic!! Who doesn’t love Magic?

It’s the finest and one of the most interesting arts in the world. Every magic is based on some tricks. Magicians create some very nice illusions using tricks to make the magic look very real. I am very sure that every time you see a magic being performed by the magician, you immediately want to know the trick behind that and how it’s done?
So here on SAIKISITE, with this article, I’m going to share with you all 5 simple magic tricks that you can perform using your household items and impress your friends and family.

1. Floating Cup Magic

This is a very simple magic trick that you can perform at home, school, parties, etc.  For this magic trick all you need is a paper cup (household items). Yes! That’s it !
So you go to any person who his having coffee/tea in the paper cup and very smartly (like a professional magician ) ask that person “May I have your cup for a moment?”. Take the cup and very smartly put a small hole using your thumb and insert one of the two thumbs at that side of the cup which is facing you. Now, even if you’ll take all your fingers and the other thumb off the cup, it’ll still be in your hand because of the inserted thumb, Now act as if you’re really doing some serious magic and move the cup up and down with a little shake and “Aabra ka Dabra“, the person standing in front of you will go mad when he/she will see the same cup floating in the air.
Here is the video of the secret behind the floating cup:
Video courtesy : Howcast (YouTube)



2. Rubber band and Ring Magic

In this Magic trick, all you need is a rubber band and a simple ring. Break the rubber band from the middle. Put the rubber band through the ring and stretch the rubber band. Now keep the majority part of one side of the rubber band hidden in one of your hands and stretch the elastic to make it appear to the audience as if it’s of the original length. Now position the rubber band in a little bit slanting position and start releasing the part of rubber band hidden in your hand very slowly. The audience will feel as if the ring is moving uphill by your magic. Make a face as if you are really performing the magic with your mind power.
Here is the video of the secret behind the Rubber band and Ring Magic:
 Video courtesy : The Illusionist (YouTube)

3. Mobile phone inside the balloon Magic

For this trick, all you need is a big balloon and a mobile phone. Blow up the balloon. Now take the phone in one hand and hold the balloon in another. Start pressing the mobile phone on the balloon with some good pressure. Show your audience only the front side of the balloon and not the other side that is not the side where you’re pressing the mobile phone. While you are pressing the mobile phone to the balloon, you also start releasing the air out of the balloon. Now the time, all the air inside the balloon is out of it, the mobile phone will get wrapped up to the balloon (because you were pushing it) and your audience will feel as if you’ve made the mobile phone to go inside the balloon. Isn’t that Amazing?
Here is the video of the secret behind the phone inside the balloon magic:
Video courtesy : Scremfreak Magic Revealed! (YouTube)


4. Vanishing Toothpick Magic

This is a kind of magic which is very simple to perform and if you perform it clean, it will blow the other person’s mind. For this trick, all you need is a toothpick. Take the toothpick and tell your audience to check it whether it’s a real toothpick or not? By the time they do so, just lick the upper back side of one of  your thumbs (or you can also use a tape) and put a little bit of spit on it. Now when you get the toothpick back, place half part of it on that same thumb, while talking to your audience. Now show them the toothpick, say the magic words and SNAP! open up all your fingers and your audience will feel that the toothpick has vanished in the air while it will always be on your thumb for the whole time. Now just snap again and bend your thumb a little to make it look as if you got the toothpick back from the air. Great !!!
Here is the video of the secret behind the vanishing toothpick magic:
Video courtesy : A&E (YouTube)

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5. Levitating in the air magic

The biggest advantage of doing this magic is you don’t need any props for this one. You just need yourself. This magic was made famous by one the greatest magicians of all time, David Blaine. What you need to do is to tell your audience to focus just on your feet. Now turn back and show them your heels and stand in a way that they are not able to see your front part of the feet, only the heels. Now, putting the front part of one your feet down on the ground and applying pressure on it, lift yourself up. The audience will feel that you are levitating in the air and they will go numb!!
Here is the video of the secret behind the levitating magic:
Video courtesy : Soulsh (YouTube)

So, these are few magic tricks that are revealed now. You can show it to your friends and family. So, go out and impress everyone. Keep reading SAIKISITE for more awesome blogs.
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