Lord Shiva-The Destroyer: Scientific Facts or Blind Religion?


Lord Shiva: The Alien?

Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has credited his origin to gods. Hinduism is practiced by over 80% of India’s population. Worshiped gods are considered real instead of mythological. In Hindu tradition, you have to have destruction to have creation. Lord Shiva is known as the God of Destruction in Hindu culture.

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Lord Shiva’s Typical Appearance


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Lord Shiva is considered the most powerful god known for destruction. The three most striking features of his appearance are:

  • First of all, Lord Shiva is pictured with a drum called ‘Damroo’ with which he created the universe;
  • On the other hand, he has a ‘Trishul’ known as the weapon of destruction; and
  • Furthermore, the third eye on his forehead which could destroy anything coming in its way.

Was Rudra only a mythological god or he was something more? Was he an extraterrestrial being who helped to shape our history and if might humanity fate be by Lord Shiva The Destroyer.

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Is he really a god?


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An ancient astronaut theory suggests that Lord Shiva first arrived on earth before the existence of modern humans. Is it possible that he was responsible for both construction and destruction?

Arguments against his God status

Modern Hindu scholars have theorized that the ‘Shivling’ stone actually represents atomic energy. When we think about this idea what atomic energy could do how it can be used in extraordinarily destructive ways.

Similarities between ‘Shivling’ and a nuclear power plant

  • The cylindrical structure of ‘Shivling’ is identical to the modern day nuclear reactor.
  • The groove that surrounds its base represents structure similar to one used to off dispose the pollutant water.
  • In Hindu tradition, we put water on ‘Shivling’ just as we put water on the nuclear reactor to cool it down.
  • Most of the temples of Lord Shiva are located near water bodies same as a nuclear power plant.

Does the ‘Shivling’ symbolize the technology that existed on earth? It could be a message to us from our ancestors, Maybe they wanted to convey that an advanced society existed long ago. After all, the structures of ‘Shivling’ and a nuclear power plant are eerily similar.

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The Home of Lord Shiva


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The Kailash Mountain is 22,000 ft. above sea level. Conical in shape somewhat like a huge pyramid and is therefore considered world’s largest pyramid. According to scientists, Mt. Kailash is not just a mythological home of Neelkanth rather a source of energy. Scientists have felt the energy radiating from it. Due to this, it is considered as radioactive .The area of Mt. Kailash is known for its paranormal activity. In this area, many unexplained deaths have been reported. The scientist who visited Mt. Kailash has themselves felt its energy. According to ancient Astronaut theory, the presence of UFOs in this area is a safe bet. While they even proposed that Mt. Kailash was maybe some kind of base for aliens.

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Therefore that questions that still exist are: Was Lord Shiva a god or just some kind of energy that happened thousand years? Is he something more than mythological. According to ancient theory, Lord Shiva was an extraterrestrial being who helped to shape our history. In addition to being the creator,was he the first alien to step on our planet?

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