Margot Robbie or Harley Quinn

Yatsee is the word spoken by Harley Quinn. Harley usually shouts this word when she’s robbing a bank, about to kill someone, excited to follow the Joker and other unimaginable evil stuff. So far, what I can tell you is that Harley Quinn is one of the best and loved characters of DC comics and we are grateful to writers Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. The character is a, what people in Gotham say, a creep. She’s violent too. This year’s upcoming flick ‘Suicide Squad’ is a debut for Harley played by Margot Robbie. Somewhere I believe that after looking at the trailer Margot Robbie isn’t entirely a crazy and a freak as compared to Harley. The plot asked for a psychopath but Robbie turned the whole character into a comedian who is just a little crazy and can make the audience laugh. If you ever observe the Joker’s character, he didn’t make the audience laugh, he used to scare the hell out of them. But Robbie isn’t that great and hasn’t performed the way every Harley Quinn fan had expected her to. But the movie is yet to release, who knows she’s really crazier than what has been shown in the trailer.


Harley was an athlete and during college, she decided that she wanted to get a Masters and a Doctorate in criminal psychology but her family never supported her. She went to practice into different Jails and under different criminal psychiatrists but she wanted something more challenging so she went to Arkham Asylum. She observed the Joker and was interested to know more about him. During their sessions, they used to talk about each other and soon she fell in love with him and helped him escape. For this, she was stated as mentally ill and put in a jail for rescuing Joker.

Suicide Squad

Had there been no Amanda Waller, there wouldn’t have been any Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller is a high-ranking Government official who appointed for a team to do her dirty jobs for her. The ultimate plan was to bring together a certain set of villains with or without powers and see if they can work together as a team. The suicide squad in the animated movie called ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ had Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Black Spider, Killer Frost and King Shark. The upcoming movie has Killer Croc in place of King Shark. The movie also has Enchantress and Katana but no Killer Frost.
The animated movies and comics have shown that how crazy and deadly is Harley. She even carries a gun which fires a cork instead of bullets to stun enemies.

Margot ‘Harley Quinn’ Robbie

Robbie has performed different kinds of roles in movies like Focus, Wolf of Wall Street, and Z for Zachariah, About Time, etc. Her acting has been loved by all of us in her movies plus she’s a winsome beauty too. But the characters she’s played is quite a lot different than what she’s playing in Suicide Squad.
  1. Firstly, Harley Quinn is very beautiful even after all the makeup, she has a sex appeal and be it in the comics or games. She has her way with every man who stands in front of her, leaving Batman and Joker. Harley is been wanted by each and every inmate and guardian of the Arkham Asylum. Robbie just can’t manage sexy and crazy together. She couldn’t pitch everything all together. Robbie has also shown that she acts as a kid and she’s crazy but she’s never shown the thriller side of her character. Robbie hasn’t looked as beautiful in the makeup as she looks in Focus or Wolf of Wall Street. She just is not a perfect match for sexy and creepy.
  2. Secondly, Robbie needs to be creepy, crazy and violent. These 3 words were spoken by her in an interview while describing Quinn. She needs to show her ruthless killing side not just the battle among the enemies, but a stronger killing persona should be maintained by Robbie in the movie.
  3. Thirdly, It is must that Robbie and the Joker show their weird and amusing love story to prove that they’re both totally maniac. Joker and Robbie, their unexpected meeting may bring out flames and anger from Harley’s side as due to him, she’s suffered in the Arkham. The Joker may kill her or make her love him again. They need to explain the audience that they both are creepy and can do ANYTHING.
This isn’t the final review as the movie hasn’t released till yet and the reactions on Robbie’s Quinn is still pending. The trailer may show only a crazy side, but the movie might has kept a lot hidden regarding Quinn. Nothing can be said. The sex appeal may not be enough but I hope she acts accordingly. Until then, wait for the Squad, wait for the Suicide Squad.