Motivational Quotes and Article for bloggers (Quotes by Gary Vaynerchuk)

Gary Vaynerchuk inspirational & motivational quotes and its meaning for all the budding bloggers. Motivation for Bloggers.Motivational article for bloggers.

Motivational quotes and article for students, job seekers and struggling people.

Hello, people!
Motivation is something which is very important for an individual. If you really want to achieve anything big in your life and if you want to be successful in life, motivation is something which is required at every stage. When I and Vishal were planning to have our own blog (SAIKISITE), many negative thoughts were there in our minds. At that particular moment, all we needed was Motivation.
Personally, What I feel is that Motivation can be of any form. There are many people who get motivated by listening to the music, there are many who gets motivated by reading to some inspirational quotes, there are many who reads inspirational books, etc.. So, you can be motivated by any means. The important thing that comes out of all this is that you need the motivation to be successful.
Here, in this article of SAIKISITE, you’ll be reading some really practical quotes by one of the world’s most famous public speakers, Gary Vaynerchuk.
The reason why I have used the word ‘practical’ is because, for me, things which are more practical in nature and which hit me because I feel that it could be applicable in daily life means a lot. For me, the quotes which have a very practical meaning and which turns out to be very true even if you try to apply them in your daily life, act as a motivating force and Gary Vaynerchuk is one such guy, who is very blunt and straight forward in his public speeches and also with his books.

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Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary Vaynerchuk inspirational & motivational quotes and its meaning for all the budding bloggers. Motivation for Bloggers.Motivational article for bloggers.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a 40-year-old man from Belarus. He is into multiple profession. He is an investor, an entrepreneur, an author of multiple books and most importantly a public speaker. He has inspired many people and is doing so even today. In July 2014, Gary started his YouTube series with the name, #AskGaryVee. In this series, anyone can ask anything to him related to entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, etc.. Gary Vaynerchuk travels around the world to motivate people to follow their passion. The reason why Gary is different from all other motivational speakers is that his words and his thoughts can be very well grasped by the people and they are very practical in nature.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes

Since he is a public speaker and his speeches and talks motivate people then it is very obvious that he must be having his own motivational quotes. I am going to share with you all 4 of his best inspirational quotes and 1 random inspirational quote. I can connect myself very well to them as a blogger and I am very sure that you all will be able to do the same. So, let’s look at some of his inspirational quotes:

“If You want to be an Anomaly, You Gotta Act like One”


My take as a blogger:
As a blogger, I feel this particular quote is very inspiring because as a blogger it is very important to be an anomaly, an abnormal person. You really need to be focussed and mad about the thing you are doing. Everywhere, every time, if there should be one thing that is always there in our mind that particular thing should be blogging. It should be your ultimate passion. So, if you want to follow your passion and want to be a very successful blogger then you must start acting like an anomaly for that.

“Bet on your Strengths. Don’t give a f**k about what you suck at “


My take as a blogger:
If you love blogging and you are really passionate about it, just do that only. Follow your passion. When you’ll start doing that then one day you will get success in that field. No one can stop that. make your passion your strength and focus or bet only on that. If you are good at blogging and you love to do that and there is something that you don’t like at all but you are still doing that just because of the peer pressure or society or anything, then you are making a blunder. Do not even think about what your weaknesses are? Work very hard on your strengths and make them even more strong. Just stop thinking about your weaknesses.

” Stop Doing S**t you hate”


My take as a blogger:
This, for me, conveys almost the same meaning as the second quote. If you are doing something in your life that you hate and from the core of your heart you really don’t want to do it then you are really going very wrong. Even if you are getting paid less by following your passion or even if you are getting something less with that but still the best decision would be following your dreams and doing things that you love and like.

” Fear kills Growth”


My take as a blogger:
As a blogger, I feel this small quote is the most powerful quote among all the other quotes. There are many people who are scared and who are very defensive when it comes to their career selection. Generally, people select the profession or their job just to have a security. The only reason behind this is the fear. The fear of failing. If you will not step out of your comfort zone and will not take the risk in your life just because of some fear then don’t expect some unusual success for yourself. it is very true for all the bloggers as well.

“Do not Fu***ng Quit because Hard Work and all the s**t you go through will pay off one day”


My take as a blogger:
If you want to pursue blogging as your hobby then don’t expect any big thing out of it and enjoy it as your free time pass activity. But if you are very serious in blogging and if you really want to be a professional blogger in the future then intense hard work and patience is required. There must be times, when you don’t get the desired traffic on your blog and you really get frustrated because you are putting a lot of hard work for your blog and sometimes you even want to quit but that’s when your patience should work and you need to calm yourself because everything will pay off one day and once it’ll start paying off, you’ll be shocked by the results.  So, be positive, always.
So, these are few of the amazing quotes given by Gary Vaynerchuk. Take a moment, read them, analyse them, try to apply them in your life, take all the positive things out of it and you will see the positive results. Always, be confident with your work and do what you love the most.
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