My first crush story : A true story (School Crush) (Part 1)



My First crush Story

Hello, people !

Do you have a crush on someone? How does the person look? What quality do you like about the person?

Well, Well I can ask innumerable questions to you about it but here in this article of SAIKISITE, let me tell you something about my first crush.

CRUSH, as soon as you hear this word an image of someone special appears in your mind. An image of someone who has been really close to your heart and who has been your first love.

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My first crush: 10th Standard Crush


Coming to the story. So, this was about 2 years ago, It was the first morning of 10th standard and since all the students were shuffled, everyone was excited to meet their new fellow mates. Our school started at 7:30 am and my bus was the first to reach school. So, one day, after I got down from the bus, I was talking to my bus mates about the shuffling and we were excited. Walking down the corridor, I entered my classroom and saw a new girl sitting on the first bench of the classroom. As I saw her, my eyes were glued to her sparkling eyes. She was gorgeous. Her skin was as bright as the twilight moon, her eyes made the stars look like they are not shining. Then I suddenly realized that one of my friends entered the room, we both shook hands and moved towards the back row of the class, but I was unable to withdraw my attention from her. I wanted to know her name but thought that it would be too early. I somehow controlled myself and tried engaging myself in one thing or the other, but all my efforts went futile. Then I saw the teacher entering the room. The teacher introduced the girl to us. She was a new student in our school.

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My first crush: I was lost


When you have a crush on someone you simply can’t stop thinking about the person and the same was happening with me, all I wanted that day was to interact with her. Every teacher came and went but I was in a different world where I was lost in her beauty and was unable to understand what the teachers were teaching me. I tried talking to her in the recess but couldn’t as it was not as easy as it looked. She was surrounded by the students of the class who were eager to talk to her as she was a new student. As I reached home the first thing I did was, I called my best friend (who was luckily a master in talking to girls) and told him everything that was happening with me.
He said, “Dude , don’t worry it was her first day, just try to act normal in front of her and wait for the right moment but please don’t let her know that you like her.”
That whole day from sitting in the bus to eating food and watching television, I was just thinking about her, she was just virtually there with me. It was 11 PM in the night and everyone was sleeping at home but I was unable to sleep as she was present there too.

My First Crush: I got Motivated 


Finally, I slept at 2 am. Next morning as I woke up, she was the first thing that came in my mind I got up from my bed and did my daily formalities. I dressed very well that day as I wanted her to notice me. But she didn’t seem to do anything which could tell me that she noticed me. I tried everything so that we could have an interaction , but nothing of that sort happened. I was very upset as my efforts had no positive outcome. I was thinking whether she was made for me or not? what if she had someone else in her life ? Moreover,  I was confused whether I was in love or it was just a mere infatuation. At this time friends are the best motivators for you, I called my best friend again and told him about the thoughts.
He said, “it’s very common brother , chill everything will be fine”.
“Have you talked to her?”, he asked.
I said “No”.
”Then try to start a conversation,  dude”, he replied .
“Ya, I want to but I am unable to”, I replied .
He poured a lot of motivation in me and I was all set to talk with her.
Finally, after 2 days I decided that I’ll go and start a conversation with her. It was very difficult for me as I never wanted her to feel that I was desperate. As she was the most beautiful girl in the class, every boy was after her so I had to be very careful. It was the recess time and she was standing alone, it was a golden opportunity for me as I wouldn’t have got such a good chance again. Hoping that she knew me as a classmate I went and asked “Hey! I am going to have some snacks, would you like to join me?” My heart was pumping really fast as I was eager to see her reaction.
The reaction she gave was both priceless and funny at the same.

Wait for the second part of this story and guess what could have possibly happened after that?

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to be continued……

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