My first crush story : A true story (School Crush) (Part 2)

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I, Mukul Upadhyay is back with the second part of “My First Crush” Stroy. As i told you in the first part that this is a true story and everything that is mentioned in the first part or this part is completely true. Before reading this article that is the second part of “My First Crush” Story, I would request you to read the Part 1 first otherwise, this Part-2 would be no fun. You can read the first part by clicking here.

So, here in this article of SAIKISITE, I am going to continue the story of “My First Crush”. Read and Enjoy the second part .

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Priceless and funny reply


Hoping that she knew me as a classmate I went to her and asked “Hey! I am going to have some snacks, would you like to join me?” My heart was beating really fast as I was eager to see her reaction. “Ya, sure! I would love to, actually, I myself was coming to ask you for this because I don’t have many friends here and you look quite intellectual ”, she replied. If your crush says something like this to you, it’s like a ‘dream come true’ moment and the same happened in my situation, making that reply of hers really priceless for me. She then smiled and said “I would have died here without a friend”, that made the moment light and fun.

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Walking down the isle

We then started moving towards the canteen . On the way, we had a long conversation and I was happy as we became good friends from the very first conversation. I was trying to see her face from the side angle and realized that she looked even more pretty from that angle. Seeing her through that angle, my heart was lost in her beauty I was thanking God for every second I was spending with her. The way she was flipping her hair, the she was talking to me, everything as just perfect. After the canteen, we came back to the class and she gave me her number as she was having no friends.

When i reached home


After I reached home, I was, again and again rewinding our conversation in my mind. I called my friend and told him about everything. He was also very happy for me and gave me some other tips. I was excited about the conversation, unaware about what the next day was bringing for me?

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The next day

The next day as I entered the class, I looked for her but she was not there, I took my seat and was waiting for her to come. She then entered the class and as she entered, she passed a big smile which made her look even more beautiful. She came and asked me “Hey, can I sit with you?” I was on cloud nine, I never expected that to happen. I replied, “Ya sure, please sit”. All my friends were staring at me and I could easily read their eyes, which were asking HOW? How can the most beautiful girl of the class sit with an average looking boy like me? Well , even I was confused.
As the days passed, we became good friends and shared everything that was going on in our life.

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The school gossips


Not only she was very beautiful but she was also very famous in the school. There were also rumors in school about me and her being in a relationship. My friends and classmates started asking me about it. I was tired of telling everyone that we were just good friends. But you cannot stop people from thinking all the bad things about you. If they want to, they will do it.
So, I also finally stopped giving any clarifications.

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Days and months passed and I didn’t even realize and the most fearful word of the world was about to knock our doors: EXAMS.
The exam was just a month away but I wasn’t worried about the exams. I was worried that what if she selects any other stream or if her father again gets a transfer to some different place.  Again, I called my problem-solver friend and told him about my problem.

He said, “Dude, I understand that you really like her so I think now it’s time that you tell her about your feelings”.

I asked him, “Are you sure? What if she says no and ends the good friendship too?”

He said, “Brother, don’t worry, tell her she will say yes”.

I thought a lot and finally decided that I’ll tell her about my feelings. I was all set to talk to her. I immediately called her and I was really nervous and scared. So, the moment someone picked the phone up, I said “Hey, this is me, that’s it, I like you and I cannot just be friends with you anymore”
The person on the other side said, “Who is this?“. That voice was really heavy and guess what,

Wait for the third and the final part of the story.
to be continued….
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