My first crush story : A true story (School Crush) (Part 3)


My first crush story : A true story (School Crush) (Part 3)

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I, Mukul Upadhyay, is back on SAIKISITE with the third and the last part of “My First Crush” Story.
I request you all to read the previous two parts first(if you havn’t) before reading this third part. Then only this part would be fun. Read the first part by clicking here and read the second part by clicking here
Again, I would say that this is a true story that actually happened with me in my school days. So, I’m just going to continue from where I left in the second part after her dad answered the call and I thought that it’s her.

The call

“Hello, Who is this?”, asked her father in a heavy tone.
These words terrified me from the top to the bottom, I started shivering. Millions of bad thoughts attacked my mind in those few seconds. It was almost like, I was going to faint, but something really filmy happened and he said,

“Hello, I can’t hear you!”


It obviously gave me a little strength and I, immediately looked my phone screen and I was surprised to see that the call was on Mute from my end. It was a touch screen phone and since I was in a hurry, it might have turned on by me. I was in a different state of shock and surprise.

I, immediately turned off the mute and said, “Hello, uncle I am one of her classmates, can I talk to her?”.
He said, “She is out for some work, I’ll tell her to call you as she gets back” and saying this, he hung up on me.

Firstly, I ensured that the call is really disconnected and then I immediately kept down the cell phone and ran towards the kitchen to drink some water. I was thanking God for saving me.
After I came from the kitchen, I locked myself in my room and was continuously thinking about what would have happened if her father would have heard those words?

Changing the Decision

After the call incidence, I thought over it for several days and I reached on a decision that I won’t propose her, I thought that the call incident is a signal from the God that there is something wrong with all this and also, if she likes me the same way I like her then she should say it herself. Why should only I say it? She can also say it if she feels for me and this wasn’t my ego, this was something called intuition which was stopping me from saying it.
I gave my efforts and if it didn’t work out as it was supposed to, then it was not my fault.
Now, I was expecting her to propose me, which I knew somewhere deep inside was not possible. But my heart was making its castles in the air and I never wanted them to break.

The Mac Donald’s Incident


Our exams got over and we, like every other students, gave our board exams. We used to talk on the phone and at the exam centre but I never got any sign of what I was expecting from her.
After few days, when I was lying on my bed, I got a call from her.

“Hey, How are you?”, she asked.
 I replied, “Hi, I am fine, you say?”
“Well, I am also fine. So, what are doing in the evening?” , she said.
“Nothing much, you got any plans?”, I asked.
“Yeah, lets meet at the Mc Donald’s at 5? I have something really important to tell you .”, she asked.
“Ya sure, why not?”, I answered.
“Ok then see you at 5”,she said.

Something important? What it could be? I was confused by her statement. I was thinking that ‘Has the day finally has arrived?’ ‘May be she’s is going propose me’. Thinking about all this, I dressed myself in the best way I could and was all set to meet her. I was looking myself in the bike’s rear view mirror, again and again. I reached Mc’ Donald’s, I checked my hair and everything for the last time. As I entered the hall, I started looking for her.

I saw her sitting with a boy who was one of our seniors.


I went to her. They saw me. The boy offered me a seat and we all settled down.
“Hey, meet him. He is one of our seniors.”, she said.
We shook hands, and I passed a smile. We then ordered some snacks and we started eating it. Then, I asked her “You said you wanted to talk about something important?”
She replied “Oh yes, actually I wanted you to meet him, the love of my life!!!”
If you hear these words from your crush for someone else you feel like dying. The same was happening with me.
Those words were like an arrow in my heart, I was brought down to the lowermost level I could ever imagine. I asked her in a high voice “What!?! When!?! What are you saying??”
“Yes, from about a month.”
I was unable to think about anything and suddenly a tear rolled down my cheek. She asked “What happened? Are you okay?”
I replied, “Yeah, I am okay. That must be some dust particle”
I got up and walked towards the rest room. I was literally crying. I tried to control myself in the restroom. I reached back to the table I said, “Okay guys, I have something important to do , you guys carry on.”
As I was coming out she held my hand and said, “Hey, what happened ? Is everything Okay?”
I said, “Yeah, everything is fine”.

Ignoring here

After the Mc’ Donald’s incident, I started ignoring her, I stopped picking her calls and replying to her messages.
Every time, I saw her messages or calls I said to myself, “Why is she bothering me now? Isn’t she happy with what she has done?”

Random meeting


It was a Sunday evening, I was roaming in the main market of the city. She saw me there, and said “Hi, where have you been? Why don’t you answer my calls?”
I replied, “Actually, I was busy these days so I couldn’t pick up your calls and reply to your messages. I’m sorry I have to go somewhere, Bye.”
After that incident she had tried to call me and talk to me, but it was over from my side.

I wrote a poem for her titled “Kya vo mera pyaar tha?”
Mere dil mere ye raaz tha ,Vo mera hamraaz tha,
Dil pe uske na mera ikhteyaar tha ,Par phir bhi vo mere pass tha,
Dekha use jab pehli baar ,Chadha kuch aisa khumaar tha,
Na din me chain na raaton me qaraar tha, mann me bas ek hi swaal tha,

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