The new Google Allo: Release date, Working, Features and Highlights


Google Allo: Introduction

Here comes another new and fancy messaging application developed by Google, Google Allo. Google has previously launched some other messaging apps as well like Hangouts and Google talk.

So what’s new in this?

Googles Allo features Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to basically cater information directly to us based on what is being talked about in your previous chats!

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Google Allo: Release Date and Highlights



It was basically teased out previously in Google’s I/O 2016, earlier this year and now it has been officially launched for both iOS and Android devices and you will get to know about both OS versions of this application in this article.

For a word of caution, Google also wants its users to know that Google Allo is still a preview version and it is constantly being improved and updated.

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Google Allo: App start-up launch and user-interface


The first start-up screen texts you with  a message, “To get going, give Allo access

It needs access to your contacts & device’s storage and will send an SMS verification code. Then all the permissions are given and verification of number is done and then it asks you to snap a selfie of yours which you might be wanting your contacts to see!

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Google Allo: Working and functioning of Allo

After creating the account, after the verification and everything, a notification comes from Google. It will take permissions from you and will provide an assistant for each and everything of your use such as news , weather, translations , fun, games and every other thing!



You select 1 topic and your assistant will help you out on every possible query or result on that topic.

You can resize emojis, make words look bigger or smaller and now you have a built-in app setting to draw on photos or edit some texts on photos while sharing.

There are a bunch of artistic stickers , some of them are animated too. On the home screen, you have options to start a group chat, chat with your friends , chat in incognito mode or chat with your personal Google assistant and of course with your friends. The artificial intelligence assistant till now is little buggy , it doesn’t work consistent on the board. On both the OS and the android, you cannot make it as your default messaging app.

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Google Allo: Conclusion

After using Google Allo personally, I would say, it was a good experience using Google’s personal assistant. I really liked it. You can use it anytime and especially when you don’t have anyone to talk or you are bored! But still it needs time to get popularized so use the app which your friends are using and let Google develop it more and make it more popular and robust and unique too from other apps

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